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This funny college care package idea was born from an unfortunate set of circumstances that beset our younger son and his roommates at University of Michigan. He and 13 friends lived in an adorable Victorian home right in Ann Arbor. What landlord in his right mind would rent to 14 guys??? Well by move out time, I can guarantee that landlord will NEVER do it again. The house became known as the “Pink and Purple” thanks to its colorful facade. As you visit this site, you will run into the boys of the “Pink and Purple” quite a few times. It was their idea to name this section of the site: “M Go Mom” as a take off on the Michigan tag line: M Go Blue!

Celebrate A Funny Occasion

funny college care package idea

The men of the Pink and Purple had no sooner moved into their new digs when they collectively saw the need for a big screen TV. After much discussion, it was decided that this was a necessity and they all agreed to ante up. Off they went to Circuit City and home they came with a 50” flat screen. To insure its safety, they chained it to one of the heating pipes.. Alas, ten days later, they
woke up one morning and to their horror, saw that the Big Screen was gone.
Chain cut and side door wide open! (we will not discuss who left the door unlocked!). They filed a police report but knew it was probably half way to Detroit by then.
Sadness and despair enveloped the Pink and Purple!

Not long after, one of the guys saw a great deal on a new Big Screen.. no interest, no payment for 12 months! They could all chip in a monthly payment and once again have a Big Screen. Best of all, this kid actually had credit. What a deal! The new big screen was there before the end of the day. The Engineering School housemate put together an anti-theft system that would “guarantee” the security of the Big Screen.
The boys of the Pink and Purple rejoiced!!!

So...what's a Mom to do?????

She must help them celebrate this great turn of events!
A “ Big Screen TV" PARTY IN A BOX
Of course, following the steps below, you can convert these ideas to cover any sequence of events. Those of us with college kids can vouch for the fact that there is always a story to be told! So listen when they call and see if you can get your creative juices flowing!! Any of us can create a funny college care package idea.

STEP 1… Create a poster, card or poem. This is the card I made using a simple Avery Design Program. An even funnier idea would have been to make an actual movie poster. The website BigHugeLabs.com can create a customized movie poster for you. I could have used a picture of all the boys or the house or just a big screen TV and captioned it with a funny movie title. This is an easy to use site, similar in nature to doing your own Christmas cards online at one of the photo sites. The card is critical in announcing the theme of this funny college care package idea!

college care package idea
how to make personalized tshirts

STEP 2….Create matching T shirts for all of them.
Making personalized tee shirts is a snap. All the craft stores run great t-shirt specials ranging from a low of $2.00 per shirt, up to $3.99. You design a logo and use any inkjet t-shirt transfer paper. Wilton, Office Depot and Avery all make these. Here is a tutorial on how to make personalized t-shirts.

STEP 3… Choose a new release DVD...I always check Amazon new DVD releases

STEP 4….. Bake some cookies.
Yes, I did say "Bake Some Cookies". What would a funny college care package idea be without food?? Betty Crocker has the most fabulous dry cookie mixes.. just add eggs and butter and you're good to go. Individually wrap each cookie in plastic wrap and place in a Ziploc or Glad disposable plastic container.. then put in the box.. believe it or not, there is an art to sending cookies that will arrive intact!I also toss in some microwave popcorn and a couple of movie size boxes of candy.

I learned quickly when mailing my funny care package idea that there is a HUGE difference in mailing rates. My favorite shipper is Federal Express GROUND. Sign up for an account and you get additional discounts. The US Post Office is not bad IF you use the "Flat Rate" Priority Mail Box and pay the additional fee for delivery confirmation.


Off to Spring Break or a Semester Abroad.. send them off in style

Barbeque in a Box.. the ultimate college care package.. a family favorite

Care Package by the month.. so creative!

All easy and you can make yourself!

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