A Very Funny Halloween Costume Idea
Celebrate the Olympics!

Coming up with a creative and funny Halloween costume idea was always an adventure in our house. With four of them all looking for ideas and "group" costumes with friends being an imperative, we were always challenged. Our younger son, who was 9 at the time and all his buddies became the US Olympic Womens Gymnastics Team, complete with Coach Bela Karolyi! You have to know that they won Best Costume!

A Gold Medal Halloween Costume Idea

This especially timely costume idea in light of the London Olympics is so easy!

In the fall of 1996, just like now, the Olympics had just ended. The women gymnasts had captured the gold medal and the amazing performance of Kerry Strugg on her hurt ankle was a huge story. This became the impetus for the funniest Halloween costume we have ever had in our house.

What did we need for this easy idea? Red, white and blue warm up jackets, black leggings, ballet slippers or in this case bedroom slippers, some old Swim team medals and artificial flowers... now how is that for an easy Halloween costume?

So as you ponder this year's Halloween costume.. think out of the box.. There will a ton of Avengers, Batman and other super heros, so be creative! Raid your closets and Grandma's attic too for Halloween costume props and clothes! See if you can come up with a funny costume idea and be the talk of the town! Here are some more of our family DIY group costume you may find another funny Halloween Costume Idea

Take a look and you will find some real winners.. keep in mind that with 4 kids, we were into inexpensive and easy Halloween costume ideas and they LOVED group costume ideas.

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