A Special Gift for Mom

One of Mom's All Time Favorite Gifts

best gift for mom

This book is a most beautiful and special gift for mom. Sometimes the most wonderful presents are the least expensive. My daughter was 9 years old when her teacher read their class this touching story about the love between a mother and child. She loved the story and went on a mission to buy it for me. She called my sister and asked if she would take her to the bookstore and of course stressed that it needed to be that day! They found the book and my daughter wrote a beautiful note in it. This well worn book still sits on my coffee table 17 years later. My daughter now 26 has been living in the Midwest for 4 years but I confess that I still miss her like crazy. Sometimes as I pass the table, I stop and pick the book up, read through it and think back to the day she gave it to me! It is one of my most treasured gifts!

If you have the chance to share a story with a special young child, this is a wonderful read. Take it one step further: help them to buy it, inscribe it, and wrap for their mom! It doesn't have to be for a special occasion.. a Mom deserves a celebration on any day.

Another gift for Mom the kids can make themselves with this free printable

 Print this wonderful coupon book to add to the gift.  The kids can fill in their coupons for Mom.. breakfast in bed, taking Mom to the movies, doing extra chores.. whatever they think will be nice for their Mom! This coupon book would also be a terrific Valentine for Mom, Dad or anyone special! It would be a great addition to the "Love You Forever" book!

printable coupon book for moms

And one more gift idea for Mom and Grandmas too!

unique gift for mom

We found this beautiful and meaningful gift idea for special Moms and Grandmas everywhere!  A personalized birthstone bracelet to represent the birth months of each of her kids or grandchildren. We have gifted these to so many Moms and Grandmothers in our lives and they all love them.  See more about this special gift for Mom or Grandma!

We have more thoughtful gift ideas here for Mom and everyone else! Or Check out this TGIF gift to celebrate THIS GRANDMA IS FABULOUS!

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