A Gift Idea for the whole family!
Give the gift of reading and a family outing too

This gift idea was brand new this past Christmas. We have been exchanging Christmas gifts with very special family friends for years. I was trying to think of something new and fun, that perhaps they could all do together. Knowing that they are all avid readers, I came up with a Family reading gift that I was hoping they would enjoy

Step 1

I went to their favorite book store, Barnes and Noble and purchased a gift card for each one of them. Barnes and Noble had really cute Holiday Gift Cards with matching envelopes that made them all the more festive. They have clever and fun gift cards for many occasions throughout the year. So don't limit this gift idea to just the holidays. It could be a great Mothers Day or Fathers Day gift. As we all know, Moms and Dads are usually the best at sharing everything!

Step 2

Create a card.. Yes, I did more poetry..feel free to borrow my poem! Change the clip art and a couple of words and you can make it work for any occasion! Here is the one I made for them.

Step 3

Take the gift cards and poem and wrap. You could wrap each one individually with each persons name on it and then put in one big box and wrap that too. When I gave it to them, I asked that they all be together to open. So they placed it under the tree to open on Christmas morning.

The best part of the gift is the family time together. Barnes & Noble stores also have nice cafes in each store. So after everyone finds their book they can start reading while having a juice or latte! Another nice plus is that it encourages the kids to read! It is especially great for young children who love to pick out their own book.


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