Graduation Gift Ideas that are fun, creative and practical!

Graduation gift ideas are usually a bit challenging. Do you give money and if so, how much? Or do you opt to give a gift and if so, what?  Here are 5 of our favorite graduation gift ideas. They are great for both high school and college graduates and will work for both guys and girls! You will see a range in price points, depending on your budget.. but all are fun, creative and unique graduation gifts and best of all, they can be ordered online with ease from reputable resources. 

#1 Apple TV ...One of the most fun, yet practical graduation gift ideas

Apple TV is a wonderful graduation gift.. It is not absorbently expensive but allows the kids to connect their computer to their TV through their ITunes account. They can download their photos, movies and music and watch them all on their TV.  Basically anything they can watch on their computer can be watched on their TV through Apple TV.  It is especially great if the kids have access to a Netflix account as all that content can then be viewed on their TV with this box.  We have gifted this to our own kids and agree with the reviews that is easy to set up and use and they LOVE it.

#2 Tailgate Toss.. a campus favorite

Tailgate Toss game… also known as Cornhole.. a campus favorite! You can buy them with college or university logo to show school spirit. You will see them out on the college quads,in the parking lots before any football game and on lawns of the off campus housing. Plus they will for sure break it in before they even leave for school. It’s also great for college grads.. it will bring back some fun college memories! Amazon has not only this Michigan Wolverines Tailgate Toss but a huge assortment of so many NCAA teams.

#3 Don't laugh.. but YES this is a great graduation gift!

A coffee/tea themed graduation gift .. Who wants to get up 20 minutes early to go to the cafeteria to get their morning coffee? Who wouldn't appreciate getting out of bed and having a cup of coffee ready in 2 minutes and being able to choose the type and flavor of your coffee or tea daily? Add a couple of coffee mugs with their school logo emblazoned on them! Whether for their dorm or new apartment, this gift will be a big hit. 

#4 Pizza DOUGH.. a fun way to give money

creative graduation gift idea

Graduation money gifts are always welcomed and appreciated!  Here is a clever way to gift money for the graduate.. PIZZA DOUGH... add a few pizza gift cards and you have a creative, practical, fun and funny graduation gift!  Need a pizza box,  ask at your local pizzeria and they will either give you one or sell you one for a couple of dollars!!

#5 A Share or two of Stock

Sounds a little hokey? Well think again.. if you were gifted one share of Apple stock twenty years ago, you may have a really nice retirement nest egg by now! So take a look and see if you have a favorite or trendy stock that would be a great graduation gift.. maybe something like Facebook or Twitter perhaps, an upcoming technology stock or a stock of a company in the career path of the graduate.  Be creative.. they love sports.. ESPN is owned by Disney, a solid stock! 

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