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unique graduation party favors

What’s a graduation party without graduation party favors? No matter the age of your guests, party favors are a great hit! For our grads I came up with a unique and very creative favor idea: Personalized, photo collage mugs. Learn how you can make these yourself right at your own computer.

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DIY graduation party favors

If Amazon is out of stock, here is another option for purchasing this photo mugs!

Making the collage insert for the mug

You can make the collage on Publisher, PowerPoint or any photo software program. These mugs come in two pieces, You insert your collage into the clear Lucite exterior. Then push in the mug and “snap” it down.

To get your collages started have your grads email you pictures of them and their friends from over the years.  Or just check their Facebook or Instagram pages.. they will be loaded with photos that will work perfectly for the collage. These kids have a photo library between all of them that will be sure to get you whatever you need. Cut, crop and insert the pictures into a collage format. You can make these for about $3.50 per mug and these gifts are real keepers! Please note these are NOT dishwasher or microwave safe.

best graduation party favors to make

Here's an example of our one the family favorites for high school graduation favors.. A collage of all the best friends with the colleges they will be attending. Insert this into the snap stein and your favor is done. Click Here For A Step By Step Tutorial On How To Make These Photo Mugs There are also other sample collages there to give you more ideas plus photos of the finished mugs. Once you get the hang of it, they go fast and it is truly a labor or love when you see how much the grads just love them. These are truly the best and most fun personalized party favors.

High School Graduation themed gift tag printable tag for the mugs

I made these cute gift tags that I attached with ribbon to each mug. The bus was actually on the original graduation party invitation.
Here's a free printable sheet of these cute graduation party favors gift tags
Take a look at the invitation here

Another fun idea for graduation parties.. Etch It Cups

No time to make photo mugs? Here's a clever idea for graduation party cups. Everyone can personalize themselves and no one will lost their cups during the party. They are Etch-it Disposable Write-On Party Cups - 18 oz: Red Such a creative idea!

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