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Here are some fun and funny group games for teams, courtesy of Mom who planned an awesome family Beach Olympics during our summer vacation. She ran it over 3 day with events that all 10 of us submitted. It will be one of our best vacation memories. This great group games idea would work perfect for so many events - a great birthday party theme, 4th of July or Labor Day party, school field day or re-theme it for a fun Halloween party. These would make for a great High School Booster club activity.. run it as pre-season picnic event to encourage team or school spirit! This was the winning team from our family Olympic competition! And here are Group Games events. Here are event ideas for a family Winter Olympics!

family olympic games

outdoor games for teams

Water Balloon Launch – using this great big sling shot.. load the balloon and launch.. farthest landing, wins.. have a spotter who marks the landing of each balloon – use colored straws to keep it straight. Amazon sells this Awesome Water Balloon Launcher . It really took 3 team members to launch the water balloons! This one of our favorite group games!

team water games

Knock Out – Quarterback pass accuracy feat - Each team member must throw a football through an inner tube that was held in the air or could be hung from a tree. We used a blow up pool innertube and a nerf football. Don’t make it, you’re out.. last person left standing wins event for their team!

fun team game

Pool Floatie relay race... On rafts or in tubes, in a pool, each member must paddle to the wall, once there - flips over a plastic cup so that it lands bottoms up, race back to the other end on the raft and next team member grabs the raft and goes. First team finished wins the event.

picnic games for group

Fly Fishing cast – Dad, our resident fly fisherman, submitted this one. He gave us each a quick tutorial on casting a fly rod.. at the end, a small fly – no hook - team scored point by casting to hit a target! This was a great challenge!!

team games for group

Team Water Balloon toss –this classic is always fun - line up and toss, good catch all move back 1 foot.. balloon breaks.. you are out.. last team standing wins the event

HORSE - This can include a unique display pool jumps, catches, and dance moves that must be replicated by a member of the opposing team. If they can’t pull it off, a letter hits the scorecard. First to HORSE loses. This can be played in the traditional way making foul shots at basketball hoops or putting a golf ball into a target.

family reunion games

Our ongoing family OLYMPICS LEADERBOARD showing the final results!!! Mom updated each night!

See how Mom organized these group games  and more events to create our Family Olympics.. learn how she even made t-shirts and medals for the winning team so that you can recreate this fun event for your own gathering!

Ideas for a Family Winter Olympics  Try these event ideas

  • Snow Ball Target Toss - like an archery bulleyes.. have a target and see who get the most points.
  • Snow Ball Distance Throw - Who can throw their snowball the furthest
  • Who can Roll the biggest snowball in 10 minutes- have a tape measure handy!
  • Hockey Net Goal contest - which team can score the most goals in 1o minutes Can be on ice or on your driveway!
  • Buried Treasure in the snow.. give out sand shovels and see which team can dig up the most items you buried in advance!
  • Luge run - quickest time down the hill

So have fun and sure you can think of others too!

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