Halloween Costume Ideas
for groups and pairs!

funny halloween costume

Halloween costume ideas for groups are so much fun! Our kids always preferred Halloween costumes that were themed for their whole group of friends. As they grew older, they loved unique ideas for couples Halloween costumes.. so take a look at some of our family favorites! All easy .. you can put them together yourself!

Diner Divas

funny halloween costume ide

Most every town has their own favorite greasy spoon and we are no different. Ours was a diner and frequented by everyone in town and all the kids. So one Halloween our son and his friends decided to dress as the cast at the local diner..complete with the diner t-shirts, black skirts and aprons. They were hysterical! They won the "Best Costume" trophy at the junior high school that year. This is the same crew who as nine year olds won the elementary school prize as US Women's Olympic Gymnastic Team.

Disco Divas - straight from the 80's decade!!

group halloween costume idea
easy halloween costume idea

Hit the thrift stores, consignment stores or local Goodwill store like these crazy ladies did and you can create a funny 80's themed group costume! Singing into their hairbrushes, they are decked out with scrunchies, leggings,legwarmers, cut up sweatshirts (think Flashdance, the movie) and thick hairbands.. cute and so easy.. a big group but everyone doesn't have to match.. just stay in theme. These are easy halloween costume ideas for groups!

More Halloween Costume Ideas for Groups

The Nice and The Naughty

halloween costume for coupl

Angels and Devils.. a fun combination.. look at how easy these costumes are.. white dresses.. glue on some boa fur from the fabric store..add halos or devil ears and you have a great costume for couples or more.. you could have a whole group of the heavenly or the other!

Saved by the Bell - Jessie Spano and AC Slater

funny halloween costum

Saved by the Bell.. that classic 90's TV show..Zack Morris, AC Slater, Kelly Capaso, Lisa Turtle, Screech Powers and Jessie Spano.. all time favorites.. well this couple recreated AC and Jessie and don't they look great.. what an easy costume idea!

Lovely Ladybugs

easy group halloween costume idea

My oldest daughter and her friends did a group costume one year based on the movie "Ladybugs". The movie is one of those oldies but goodies about a girls soccer team,"The Ladybugs" and a boy who dresses as a girl to join the team. Guess the guy who was part of this group costume missed the photo op... but these ladybugs sure looked great in their costumes. Look at how easy it was to put together.. a soccer shirt and they add the Ladybug logo, soccer shorts, cute striped socks and some red ribbons.. they were set to go. Even though the movie is dated, this would be a cute group Halloween costume regardless.

Scouting Out Halloween Fun

couples halloween costume ide

My son in college and his girlfriend came up with a cute and easy Halloween costume idea for couples. They recycled the Scout uniforms that I had boxed up in the attic. Why would I still have these after all those year?? Who knows.. think I save anything with Halloween costume potential! Old dance recital costumes are among the best resource if you are searching Halloween costume ideas for groups of kids. More Halloween costume ideas for groups here! And still more Easy Halloween Costumes Ideas here!

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