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Here is a great collection of Halloween Party Games for all ages, as well as some fun Halloween Party Ideas. Halloween games are always a fun addition to any party and our Celebration Ideas Online community members shared their best suggestions to this question by a fellow visitor

Hi, I am helping my son and daughter and their friends to plan a Halloween costume party here at our home. They have planned their menu and are going to do a Costume Contest. However, they can’t think of anything else to do. Can you help?
Thanks, Kim – Rhode Island
ps- ages are 13-15

Halloween Party Games and Ideas

Funny Halloween Party Idea and Halloween Decoration
by: AJ

While this is not a game, it is a fun idea for a Halloween party. It is the Talking Pumpkin. You get the biggest pumpkin you can find, cut it out to make a jack o lantern. Inside the pumpkin put a baby monitor receiver and a battery operated candles. Put it right by the door. As the Halloween party people start arriving have someone start talking into the baby monitor itself. It will give them a scare for sure. Once some guests are inside, let some of the kids look out the window to advise who is coming and then let the kids start talking into the monitor using the arriving guests names, scary sounds etc. It is very funny to watch.

funny halloween game

Halloween Party Game Idea
by: Beth

This is fun..Monster Maker - divide the group into teams. The goal is to make one of the team into a monster using props from a bag. Put together bags of make-up, rags, wigs,hats, boas or scarves, fake eyelashes, ace bandages, toilet paper and anything else you can think of. The teams have 15-20 minutes to make one of their own into a monster. The person hosting the party can judge or have ballots and let everyone vote on best MONSTER MAKEOVER. Have a camera so you can take pictures. You can give a prize if you want.

Halloween Broomstick Race
by: Terry San Antonio, TX

We did "Broomstick races" at our Halloween party last year. We made 2 lanes with that Halloween tape that looks like crime scene tape on our driveway. At the end of each lane was one an orange plastic pumpkin. We taped it with duct tape to the pavement. The teams lined up. Each team had a witches hat, a kitchen broom with the handle wrapped in orange and black crepe paper and a golf ball. You had to sweep the golf ball down the lane and into the pumpkin. Then take it out and bring the golf ball, the broom and keeping the witches hat on, bring all back to the next person on line on your team. If your golf ball is swept out of the lane.. it's back to the start line. The key is to sweep the golf ball in short quick sweeps.. think of the Olympic sport of curling. Have 2 guests in ref shirts watching the races for fair play! It is a ton of fun and could be good for lots of age groups!

Halloween Party Game Idea
by: Ellen - Bakersfield, CA

I read about this in a magazine and put it together for my daughter's Halloween party last year.. she was 15 and it was so funny. You make Halloween fortunes - for example.. You will marry (insert name of another party guest if it is coed)- propose now! You will a famous singer.. belt out a tune now. You will be a world famous scientist.. tell us what you are working on. You will own 15 pets when you are older.. what are they. Use your imagination and think about the kids or have your child write them. You roll them up and insert into halloween balloons, then blow them up. Keep them in a big garbage bag and when it's time to play, let them loose. Everyone grabs one and must sit on the balloon to pop it.. then pull out the fortune. It may sound cheesy, but the kids really had fun with it. You can change it around and just put fortunes in them without asking them to perform or give an answer. This could be a fun adult Halloween party game too I think.

More Halloween party games from our visitors

Halloween party game
by: Joelle - Yorba Linda, CA

Plan a Halloween Photo Scavenger Hunt. Divide your friends into 3 or 4 groups and give each group a digital camera. Give them a list of items they need to photograph. You can give each group the same or a different list. First group back with quality photos of each item on their list - wins. Some things your list could include:1. Halloween Inflatable outside a house. 2. Jack o Lantern that is lit up3. A bat4. A witch or witches' hat5 Halloween Flag

You should look around your neighborhood and see what kinds of Halloween decorations are displayed and make your list from what they will be able to find. Make sure you let your neighbor's know if people could be taking pics of their house. Also enlist the help of other parents so no one gets hurt or in trouble.

Fun Halloween Party Decoration
by: Susieq

Make a witches brew cauldron.. throw dry ice (you can buy it in certain stores, google to see where in your town) into a Halloween colored metal or plastic container. Next, pour in a non-carbonated beverage in the color of your choice like koolaid or gatorade. Non carbonated drinks work the best. Then surround the cauldron with light up glow necklaces that you can hook together.. looks awesome... best and easiest decoration ever and cheap to do.

Halloween Party Game Idea
by: Lexie

My daughter had a Halloween party last year and we did a kind of messy Halloween party game that is a spin on Apple Bobbing and they all loved.. The Worm Bob. We took gummy worms and put them in whipped cream in plastic bowls. Then with their arms behind their backs each participant had to find the worms, pull them out and place them on a paper plate. First to get all their worms out won.. may sound childish but the kids were all 15-16 and loved it. Those that didn't want to participate were yelling for those who did. It was really funny and we ended up playing a second round for the top 4 finishers.

Halloween printable games

Pin The Head On The Monster game for kids Left In The Dark Halloween Left-Right Game For Adults
8 best halloween party games

hmm.. Gold Medal babies.. a great Halloween costume? Could be, but they were our Olympic mascots for our Family Olympics.. check out all our games.. you may find a couple you could use for your Halloween party!

Print and Play Halloween Games

Monster Mash-Up Halloween Charades game Trick Or Treat Halloween Trivia Game

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