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Feb 18, 2011
Fun fair
by: Anonymous

Our music boosters hosts a fun fair every year.....raffle, 50/50 tickets, carnival games in the gym, cake walk, bingo and a food stand. All the groups perform, grades 5-12. It brings a lot of people and makes a ton of money!!! Maybe start small?

Sep 25, 2010
High School Chorus Booster Club Idea
by: Janice- Pennsylvania

Here in Pennsylvania, Penn State University has a huge dance-a-thon each year and part of the way they raise money is through "canning". The college kids pick good spots both in Pennsylvania and in the hometowns of their students all over the east coast. They stand outside stores, on street corners or other places where there is alot of traffic and people donate their money into the decorate PSU dance-a-thon cans. You could use this idea in your own town. Let groups of the booster club parents "can" while the chorus members SING! Make sure it is clear what group you are representing so people know it is legitimate. Have small receipts available. All that spare change adds up. Since you say your booster parents like to entertain.. throw a BBQ at the end while you count the proceeds. You probably do need to get permission from your town or the business you want to can in front of.

Sep 22, 2010
High School Chorus Booster Club Idea.. Sing For Your Supper
by: Mel - NJ

Anna.. know exactly what you mean about Chorus kids being forgotten.. seems like sports gets all the attention. Our club laughs that "Glee" has been our biggest asset in promoting Chorus.. the kids actually got the school to let them rename Chorus to Glee Club.. Our best fundraiser last year was during Homecoming Spirit Week. We planned a fundraiser dinner called "sing for your supper". We held it in the cafeteria before the nighttime pep rally and sold tickets in advance and at the door. We charged 5.00 in advance and 8 at the door. The kids designed t-shirts and planned some great songs. They got the help of some of the music kids for guitar and drums etc. The Booster parents all made trays of different pastas, breads, salads and we baked desserts. We got a local grocery to donate soda and water. It was a huge hit.. almost everyone that was going to the Pep Rally stopped in for dinner and we actually ran out of food at the end. We had over 300 dinner guests and about 70% of them bought at the door. We totally guessed at how much food to make but all the club parents were so generous in what they prepared. We made a big profit on this as everything was donated plus the kids were involved. Their entertainment was great and the t-shirts (which a parent made) were so fun. It will be an annual event now and did help our Chorus kids to feel included. Plus our club raised a lot of money to help the Chorus/Glee Club with things that are needed.

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