High School Field Hockey Team
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Organize a tailgate party before the big game!

team pump up idea

What are the moms to do?? The High School Field Hockey Team is in the state tournament. The girls need to eat before they leave for the game. They cannot leave the school grounds. Not a challenge for us. We contact the Principal and Athletic Director and ask to set up a surprise team tailgate on the front lawn of the school. The principal pages all the field hockey team to the front office before lunch and sends them outside. We included all 3 squads with lunch, favors and games for all!

High School Field Hockey has never been the pre-eminent fall sport in our town. However,in 2005, our girls were having a tremendous season. Our youngest was the goalie for this team. They had won the Leagues and the County title and were now off to the states. No one even had them on the radar screen in September. Our High School Field Hockey team tailgate used  "The Incredibles" movie as our theme, since these girls really were incredible! We had to come up with some team pump up ideas to boost team spirit

While The Incredibles may be a bit dated, this team spirit idea would work using the popular Avengers movie theme. Amazon has all the Avengers Party Supplies right here

This high school field hockey team was one hungry bunch but we had it covered. We ordered an assortment of hot bagel sandwiches with egg, cheese, taylor ham and bacon , orange juice, gatorade and some fruit platters! They were thrilled!

We bought "Incredibles" paper goods and party favors, added some balloons, brought a boom box, painted a sign and made "Stars" for all our players. We hung the stars on ribbons from the tables. We came up with funny names for each player.. "Vicious Verrier", "Iceman Eiseman" "Madman Meredith" etc.. you get the idea. They were all going to find their star and compare nicknames! The stars ended up on all the lockers!

Our opponent was Pequannock High School, so we had a "Plow Past Pequannock Pinata". You can get an Marvel The Avengers Super Hero Pinata if you choose the more updated theme.

We had a basketball shooting contest and a ping pong game set up too. All contestants got fun party favors: Incredibles whistles, party blowers and beads! Never underestimate high school kids.. they thought this was great!

We had exactly 45 minutes.. long enough to eat, play and laugh. A quick clean up and you'd never know we were there. Most of us moms work full time, but most everyone had taken the day off to go to the game that afternoon...so there were lots of helpers!

This tailgate team spirit party idea would work for any sport...so even though our high school field hockey team was origination of the idea.. feel free to use it! Kick off your season, celebrate a big game or simply celebrate your team!

Here are two more ideas to add to your team tailgate party.. see what team games our family had planned for our Family Olympics last summer. Tailgate Toss or Cornhole would be another fun addition to this team spirit idea!

This was a great team pump idea which really built up the team spirit. These ideas would work for any sport.. so feel free to adapt and enjoy!  Take a look at our treasure chest of more team spirit and booster club ideas!

Here was out High School Field Hockey team favorite pump up idea!

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