A FUN High School FUNdraiser

Design your own team t-shirts

Do you need an easy high school fundraiser that will support your school or their teams.. Letting the students or the team design a team t shirt is a fabulous way to boost school spirit. Of course, it is easier to just buy one out of a catalog.. but not near the fun! Get the kids involved in this school fundraiser project. If you are using it for one of the school sports teams, it is a great kick off gift for the team.  See how our booster club did it!

Talk to the seniors or the team captains and let them design the logo and slogan. Then let the whole school or team vote. This was the logo for our team one year and the shirt sold out in two weeks.  Students and even parents were wearing them. It was an awesome choice.

This is the team t-shirt graphic that was done by the players and sold by the Football parents booster club.  My son still has his after all these years. They even used it on the football game day programs. The stands were decorated with fans in these t-shirts and it was a great booster club fundraiser! You could even take this one step further and to defray costs have a local business co-sponsor the t-shirts with their name placed on the back of the shirt. They pay a portion of  the start-up cost and the booster club makes the money from the sale of the shirts!  What local business wouldn't want their logo all over the stadium on gameday!

The girls can use this high school fundraiser too.. look what we did for their field hockey team!

Our field hockey team girls loved the idea as well. Since it is a much smaller roster and funds are tight... we had to make them ourselves. The girls chose the design and slogan. We found the shirt sale: 5 for $10! Then the moms got together and made the shirts. It was a fun "girls night" for the moms. The shirts came out great with the aid of the computer, Avery t-shirt transfer paper, an iron and some parchment paper. Two different kinds are available for light and dark colored shirts.. so purchase the right one. The directions are in the package and couldn't be easier! Print, peel and iron.. t-shirt done!! Here are step by step directions for making your own t-shirts

This high school fundraiser team t-shirt idea is a great spirit builder for the kids. By letting them choose the design and the slogan, you are guaranteed it will be a success. Custom t-shirts raise awareness, boost spirits and create a lasting connection like nothing else. Start your Booster campaign now!

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