Holiday Party Games for Kids

Use these games for kids for any holiday!

These holiday party games for kids are simple and easy games that can be played in a variety of group settings. As you will see you simply adapt it for whatever holiday you are celebrating with children. As a teacher I know my daughter is always looking for classroom game ideas that are inexpensive, simple to learn, easy to manage and fun for the entire class. She prefers games where there is no winner or loser and where everyone can participate at once because as we all know kids have a tendency to lose interest quickly while waiting for their turn!

This game is a version of the old favorite Hot and Cold. In her first grade class the kids play it at their Valentine’s Day Party. All you need is a valentine related stuffed animal or object to hide. She uses this Garfield holding a heart to create an easy Valentines party game. The teacher shows the stuffed animal to the entire class and explains that they are going to play a hide and seek game using their listening skills to find it. The teacher chooses a student at random to go stand outside of the classroom door so he or she can’t see inside the classroom. Then another student is chosen to find a place in the classroom to hide the stuffed animal.

A good tip for choosing the students in a fair way is to put everyone’s name on a Popsicle stick and put them inside a coffee can. That way every child has an equal chance of having their stick selected.

While the hider is hiding the object the rest of the group is told to play close attention to where the stuffed animal is hidden because they are going to be the clue givers. Once the object is hidden the teacher calls the student from outside to come back in. The whole class then chants the word “LOVE” as the seeker roams around the room looking for the hidden heart. As the seeker gets closer the students say “LOVE” louder and faster to indicate that he or she is getting closer to the hiding spot. As the seeker moves further away from the hiding spot they respond by saying “LOVE” slower and softer so that he or she knows they are not on the right track. The seeker uses the verbal clues to find the hidden object. Once it is found a new hider and seeker are chosen and the game is played again and again.

It is a great game for kids in a big group setting whether it is a birthday party, holiday party, scouts activity or classroom celebration! This is one of the students’ favorite games in the classroom and is played throughout the year at different holidays using different holiday related items and these clue words:

Halloween = BOO ;  Thanksgiving = GOOBLE; Winter = SNOW; St. Patrick's Day = LUCKY; Spring = HOP and have them Hop around!

These holiday party games which are updated version of the old game "Hot, Hot, Cold" are one of my daughter's favorite classroom games and just goes to show that in this age of technology, kids are still kids at heart. Visit our family fun section for more holiday party games for all ages!

For more classroom holiday party games and teaching ideas, visit our CELEBRATE TEACHING section.. written and edited by our very own teacher!

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