Homemade Bridal Shower Favors

Let your creativity FLOWER with these easy ideas for favors you can make yourself!

homemade bridal shower ideas

Homemade bridal shower favors are so easy to do once you have the idea! So, here are two fun, inexpensive and foolproof ideas to create beautiful shower favors..perfect for a bridal or baby shower! There is nothing more fun than making your own bridal or baby shower favors. Best of all,with these ideas you do not have to be the Queen of Crafts. These homemade favor showers are beautiful and thoughtful and can serve as your shower decorations too!

cute bridal shower idea

Here are two of my favorites.  Idea #1 - Create a hanging ball of flowers that you can colorize for your shower. Use the brides wedding colors, make them in pretty white flowers and add in some toule, make pink and blue ones for a baby shower, and even use an oval shape and make pretty Easter dinner decorations. The possibilities are numerous!

A quick trip to the craft store for the styrofoam ball, some pretty silk flowers and ribbons.. Get out your glue gun and you are ready to go. Here are the step by step directions for this easy, inexpensive shower favor.

Clip the flowers back leaving about 1/2 inch stem. Poke the flowers into the styrofoam ball , then add a drop of glue from your glue gun. Repeat until the it is covered with flowers.  

Make a bow and glue it to the top of the ball. You can also secure again by poking a floral pin through the bow.

Cut a strip of ribbon and glue to the back of the bow

That's it.. so easy!

How pretty would these be hanging up as decorations for your bridal or baby shower and then letting everyone take one home! Make smaller ones using a 3" styrofoam ball and when it's done, sprinkle with scented oil in the fragrance of your choice.. a pretty favor that is also a hanging potpourri!

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Idea #2 for homemade bridal shower favors.. decorated straw hats.. perfect for a tea or garden party themed bridal shower!

bridal shower tea

We made these decorated hats for our daughter's Kentucky Derby themed bridal shower and they were a huge hit. Everyone shopped for a hat when they arrived and wore them for the whole shower.  These would be a perfect shower favor for a tea party or garden party theme! Read all about how to make these fun  bridal shower favors with a tutorial of how we made them and ideas for the decorations we used.. including a boa!!

Look at how cute they girls looked adorned with their hand decorated strawhats! And we even made a special white one just for our bride to be!

Unique Wedding Favors from Beau-coup.com
bridal shower favors to make

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