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If you have browsed my site, you quickly understand my deep love of family. As the kids were growing up, we celebrated everything. The house was filled with friends, family and chaos.. all great stuff. Both my husband and I were involved in all their activities from sports teams, booster clubs, to Scouts and PTA. It was through all these years that I accumulated a “treasure chest” of celebration ideas for everything from birthdays, holidays, special occasions, team spirit, college care packages, theme parties and more. As our children grew and moved through college and beyond, I continued to get calls from friends, family and community with questions and requests on how to plan various events and activities. It was from these calls that I initiated my quest to build a website. Rather than emailing out instructions or holding planning meetings here at the house, I decided I could share all these resources through the internet and at the same time create a family album recalling all our wonderful memories.

How I Built This Website

Solo Build It!I began my plan with a simple web search:
“How do you build a website?”

You can only imagine the million and one search results that popped up. In the course of my research I developed 3 important criteria as I had limited computer experience outside of the basic Microsoft programs and email. I needed a process, I needed the tools and I needed guidance. After 2 months of researching the various options I found the perfect product: SBI – Solo Build It!

The SBI process is simplified to such a degree that success is achievable even for a beginner like me. SBI provided a turn key system to develop my site, obtain a domain, host the site and handle all the technical stuff that I didn’t have a clue about. Further more, SBI provides the instruction and mentoring necessary to build website content.

So off I went to pursue my new hobby. The kids and my husband were totally supportive as I posted our lives on a website! As I journeyed through the SBI training course, I discovered the most incredible thing.. I could actually build a website with limited computer skills.

I love working on my site, so it does not even feel like work. Better yet, all of the family works together contributing ideas and suggestions for the content. I am so proud of what I have learned and created over the past year thanks to SBI. Need more information? I called SBI numerous times during the course of my research and was so impressed that I always got a knowledgeable person on the phone who was able to answer my questions. I knew from those calls that SBI had tremendous customer service.

Feel free to contact SBI directly!

Is this not just the best hobby ever?

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