Kids Easter Crafts

religious easter craft for kids

These Happy Easter crosses are the easiest kids Easter crafts ever and we love that they are perfect for even the preschool age group.  This Easter craft idea can span age groups  and is a great Sunday School or CCD project. We did this with our Sunday school class, as an Easter project to remind the kids of the Biblical story of Easter.  Best of all, here are the only supplies you need:  Branches, ribbons, tulle and some artificial flowers.  What is so nice is that with this easy Easter craft idea, each child can create a different cross.  Here is one that we have had for years, our daughter made it when she was in 2nd grade and it goes up every Easter! We are now making them with the grandchildren.. what a special way to learn the real meaning of Easter. So let's get started on these kids Easter crafts by finding the sticks..

Hunt for branches to start this Easter craft

First thing you need to do for this easy kids easter craft, is go on a hunt for the sticks. They can be any size, just get enough to make the cross, which would be 4 longer ones that can be broken in half or 8 smaller ones. If using the Easter craft idea with a group, you may choose to start collecting the branches on your own and bring them in when it is time to make this Easter cross. As you can see, our preschoolers loved this part of our Easter craft. What could be more fun that going out to hunt for sticks! Just make sure whoever is supervising the collection of branches, gathers them in a big bag once the kids find them. For their own safety, you don't want them running around with sticks! 

How to assemble these kids Easter Crafts

Step #1 - Tie branches together in the middle with tulle or twine

Step#3 - Glue flowers in the middle of the cross

Step #2 - Make a hanger on the back using tulle or ribbon

Step#4 - Add tulle bows in multiple colors and glue below the flower

Once you have your sticks, when doing this with 3-5 year olds, it works best if you tie the crosses together in advance and let the kids decorate them.  Older kids can do this part themselves or with very little help. When doing this kids easter craft with children that know the story of Jesus's death and resurrection,  explain to them the significance of this Easter Cross project. We use tree branches as a reminder of the wood cross he carried and died on. The rope signifies how he was hung on the cross and for kids older than 8 you can add nails into the center where the branches meet to form the cross. The flower represents the rebirth and resurrection of Jesus, like flowers bloom in the spring.  It is a very powerful reminder of the story of our Lord's passion, crucifixation and resurrection. So this project can work for a large age span.  Here are a couple more variations using wooden Easter Eggs that were painted or little ones placed Easter stickers on them!

christian easter craft
Happy Easter Cross

Easter Craft for Preschoolers

easter crafts for preschoolers

Here is another adorable kids easter craft idea... make an Easter bunny out of a paper plate! So easy that even our two year old twins could do this Easter craft and they came out just so cute..  see how to do this fun Easter activity  with the kids while Easter dinner is in the oven!

Easter Activity for kids.. a perfect compliment to the Easter Cross craft

religious Easter activity for kids
If you have never seen Resurrection Eggs, you are missing a great way to teach children about the real meaning behind celebrating Easter. Inside each egg is a small symbol of something that happened during the days of the death and resurrection of Jesus. They are numbered chronologically and the book that comes with them explains each one and what it symbolizes. These get excellent reviews on Amazon by customers who have purchased and used them. These resurrection eggs would be a perfect supplement to the Happy Easter Cross. Visit Amazon here to learn more and read the impressive customer reviews of these Resurrection Eggs

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas for the kids

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