Kindergarten Graduation Songs

Sing A Long To Celebrate

kindergarten graduation songs

Kindergarten graduation songs are a great addition to any graduation ceremony for kindergarten or adapt them to pre-school too! When planning your celebration, a sing a long is such a fun event.  We have created an easy to learn special graduation song that can be even more fun when you add some props.  See our song below .. sung to the tune of "The Farmer In The Dell".. which all the kids already know.. it is the perfect sing a long song!

Yay For Kindergarten.. a kindergarten graduation song!

Here are the song lyrics to "Yay For Kindergarten"..  one of our favorite kindergarten graduation songs! To make this especially cute, add the suggested props and/or actions while singing.  There are enough verses that every child should be able to participate and some stanzas include all the students.  We don't want to leave anyone out of our graduation song!  We have noted our suggestions beneath each set of lyrics.  You can have everyone sing a long the whole way or have the whole class sing the starting and ending verses and let the selected students solo their individual lines with the group joining in for the chorus of "Hi Ho, the MERRY E-O". You could also have the whole group do a fist in the air during each chorus of Hi Ho, the Merry E-O, Yay for Kindergarten. ( Note that since this is a happy occasion we changed the chorus from DAIRY E-O to MERRY E-O!!!)

kindergarten graduation songs

Yay for Kindergarten

Sung to the tune of “The Farmer In The Dell”

Yay for kindergarten, Yay for kindergarten

Hi Ho the MERRY E-O

Yay for kindergarten

(students raise their hands like a cheer)

We learned our alphabet, we learned our alphabet

Hi Ho the MERRY E-O

Yay for kindergarten

(selected students holds up a letter)


We learned all our numbers, we learned all our numbers

Hi Ho the MERRY E-O

Yay for kindergarten

(selected students hold up a number)


We read lots of books, we read lots of books

Hi Ho the Merry E-O

Yay for kindergarten

(selected students hold up books and open them)

The balance of the song lyrics are available in our printable pack, available below:

If you like this idea, purchase our .99 printable pack via Paypal below.  Our 5 page packet includes the complete set of lyrics that can be printed for distribution to the students, a list of suggested props and/or actions for each verse as well the directions on how to organize this fun Kindergarten Graduation song into your classroom celebration. 

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Free kindergarten graduation poem and game

kindergarten graduation poem

How about adding this adorable "Candy Guessing Game" where you assign a candy with a clever description and let the students guess "Whose Candy is That".  We have done it as a Valentines day activity the kids absolutely love it.  Here's all you need to add this kindergarten graduation activity, including a list of candy and clues.  Or use our "Over the Rainbow" themed kindergarten graduation decorations.. the kindergarten graduation poem is a free printable..  so cute adorning the classroom!

See the rest of our Kindergarten Graduation ideas here!  An easy and creative theme makes them so special!  Plus free printable Kindergarten Graduation Certificates.. page 1 for kindergarten, page 2 for a Pre-school graduation ceremony! All our ideas for kindergarten graduation are so easily adaptable to a pre-school graduation celebration too!

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