Mason Jar Lid Pumpkin

mason jar lid pumpkin

Here's how you can make this beautiful and festive pumpkin out mason jar lids. Such a pretty autumn decoration or use as a Thanksgiving centerpiece. Here is a step by step tutorial and without any artistic or crafting ability, you can create this pumpkin for your own home.

How to make this mason jar lid pumpkin

To make this mason jar lid pumpkin, purchase 20 mason jar lids, they can be bought separate from the jar.  I used the regular size jar lids, but think you could probably make with the larger lids too. Lay them out and spray paint them orange.  Let dry thoroughly then turn over and spray the other side. Make sure you get the paint around the sides as those become the outside of your pumpkin.  Below are the ones we bought through Amazon. You need twenty lids. You can save the inside removable discs for another crafting project.

Thread the painted jar lids on a piece of twine. You want your jar lids to all face the same way. In this case, I put the patterned indented top facing forward.  See below.  Thread all 20 jar lids on the twine.  Then pull the twine tightly and the lids will form a fan.  At that point tie a tight knot to keep them in the round shape. 

Clip the twine so you can't see it and spread out the rings to make a pumpkin shape.

decorating pumpkins

Now it's time to make your stem. I cut a burlap scrap I had on hand into the shape of a leaf and glued it on the bottom to help it stay up straight.  Then add cinnamon sticks. I used the McCormicks cinnamon sticks I found at the grocery store in the spice section.  You could also go outside and grab a thick branch and cut it down and insert it.

pumpkin craft

Now you are ready to add the lights. We used these flexible battery operated fairy lights from Amazon.  We pushed them inside the pumpkin and brought them around the whole pumpkins. There is a little switch on the lights to turn them off and on.

For more crafting ideas like this mason jar pumpkin, head over to our Fall/Halloween fun or Thanksgiving fun sections. 

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