New Dad Gifts

Celebrate the new Dad with these fun new Dad gift ideas

new dad gift ideas

New Dad gifts are a great way to include the father to be in the baby's arrival. Arleen, one of our visitors, suggests a fun gift bag idea for the new Dad!

Arleen has developed a tradition in her family to celebrate the Dad to be! In advance of a baby shower, she puts together a bag of creative gifts just for Dad and gives it to him the day of the shower. So while the Mom to be and friends are celebrating the baby shower, Dad gets a goody bag with things he will need for the baby's arrival. Here are some of the things she has put in and other suggestions we have added. Pick and choose depending on your budget.

gift ideas for the dad-to-be

Here are some ideas Arleen shared for gift ideas for the new dad that can go right into the gift bag:
His favorite candy.

Pocket-size address/phone book. The Mom-to-be writes in all the phone #s, so Dad has quick access to make the new baby arrival calls.

Batteries and/or a memory card for the camera.

One time use video camera in case no video on the phone.

Special story book Dr. Seuss: One Fish, Two Fish was a childhood favorite of our son-in-law. I also found a dollar bag at Target with the book's name.

Small stuffed animal.

Coupon for a free night of babysitting.

A picture frame for his office desk.

gift ideas for new dads

You can take Arleen's idea and go one step further.. get the new Dad his own diaper bag. They even make ncaa diaper bags. Then fill it with some of those ideas and some more like these below. A funny Dad's burping pad or a good new dad's instruction book or a gift certificate to one of the online photo stores like Shutterfly are fun additions. This would be a fun group gift for the new dad!

A big thank you to Arleen for sharing this New Dad Gift Idea. We are sure it is greatly appreciated by the dad-to-be. If you liked this idea for new dad gifts, you'll love this baby shower gift idea.

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