A Family New Years Eve Party

Ring In and Sing In the New Year

new year eve party ideas

Plan a family New Years Eve party... one of the best pieces of advice I can give you. Back many years ago, when the kids were small, they begged us to stay home and have a New Year's Eve party with them. So we gave up the fancy dinners, saved money on the babysitter and planned a New Year's Eve party with friends, their children and family. It was a tradition we continued for many years. I missed it terribly when they got older and it ended. However, it seems to have be seeing a renaissance now that they are adults! Last year, our two oldest invited over friends and we did a New Year's game night.. they introduced us to a great game Apples to Apples Party Box - The Game of Hilarious Comparisons. So the tradition continues in a new form!

fun new years eve activity
Our theme back then was Ring In and Sing In the New Year. Some years we did potluck, some years just pizza, other years we did a seafood extravaganza. Everyone brought something and it was BYOB for the adults. After dinner, the fun would start. The first year we rented and then eventually bought a karaoke machine like this one: Memorex MKS-SS2 SingStand 2 Home Karaoke System We'd do Christmas songs, kid's songs, music that the adults loved. Sometimes we'd make up group dances to go along. Our group's favorite was a dance the kids made up to Rod Stewart's "Rhythm of My Heart"! It was great and kept everyone together and the kids from running wild, although we did have some of that. Recently, now that they are all adults, we ran a New Year Idol with judges, scoring and comments.. way too funny!

family new year party ideas

One year we had a dance contest- kids vs adults.. they taught us a dance!

new years eve party ideas

We let the kids help decorate for this family New Year's party.. and they decorated themselves!

new years eve party game
holiday trivia game

Over the years we have added some of our own games for the whole crew. Take a look at our free printable games!

New Years Eve Party Bingo


Here's A Fun Holiday Trivia Game That Would Be Great For Your Party

As midnight approached out would come the pots, pans and any kind of utensil that you could bang against them. And over the holidays I saved all the bubble wrap from packages.. why you ask?? I would line our porch floor and let them stomp while they were they were ringing in the New Year with their pots and pans!  We called it the BUBBLE WRAP DANCE!!  It was great.. it sounded like firecrackers going off and they just loved it!!! 

family new year party ideas

Our New Years Eve revelers.. not Times Square.. but just as fun!

fun new years eve for kids

By 1am.. the littlest ones were exhausted from this New Years Eve party... they had welcomed in the New Year surrounded with fun, friends and family!

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