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A flowering party favor idea perfect for any celebration

easy to make party favors

Party Favor Ideas, my most favorite part of planning any celebration. I love to come up with pretty, creative and easy DIY party favor ideas. From tea parties, to baptisms, to bridal showers, to baby showers to wedding rehearsal dinners to holiday parties and MORE, here is my favorite favor to make. Painted Pots.. so easy and inexpensive to make and you can theme them to any occasion. Not only are they your favors...but your decorations too. They are so festive and cheerful and you can color theme them to your occasion. They make beautiful centerpieces for your tables too. Best of all, guests LOVE to bring them home.

How to make these adorable Polka-Dotted Painted Planters

easy homemade party favors

This is all you need to create these cute party favors. Small clay pots - use the 3.5" size. High gloss indoor/outdoor enamel spray paint and a small bottle of craft paint in the color of your choice. I found the pots and the craft paint on sale at the craft store. Each were 3 for $1.00. The spray paint - regular price 5.99 but I used my 40% OFF one item..net price $3.60. Add the potting soil and flowers and it costs less than $1.00 per favor!

baby shower favors to make

Cover a table with newspaper and place wax paper on top.. place the pots upside down on top of the wax paper and spray paint. The wax paper insures your painted pots will not stick once dry!

creative bridal shower favor idea

The next touch.. the POLKA DOTS!! And this technique is fool-proof! You use the top of a pencil eraser.. dip it in the craft paint and press randomly on the painted pot. Make sure it is a new pencil so that the eraser is not worn. Trust me, I tried a couple of different methods from sponges to magic markers to free hand drawing and this is the easiest method to insure perfect polka dots with no artistic ability needed!

baptism favors

Add the flowers and here is the finished product! We bought miniature pansies by the flat and one plant fit perfectly in each pot. The pots had drain holes in the bottom, but you should add a couple of marbles or pebbles to the bottom of the pots, then place the plant and fill in with potting soil. We did all shades of blues for our twin grandsons' christening celebration. We set them out in bunches all over the house, so not only were they favors for the guests BUT also our decorations!!

Let's make them for...

easy party favor you can make

The possibilities are endless... Look at how we made them for our annual St. Patrick's Day party one year.  Now think further,  how about festive red, white and blue 4th of July party favor ideas,  Christmas party favors in red, white and green with planted poinsettas! Think about using this idea for a Bridal or Baby shower. Wouldn't these be great for your Rainbow Tea Party table? They are so easy to make they could be a cute classroom or Scout meeting project as a Valentines Day craft. Halloween, Thanksgiving or even as a High School Booster club fundraiser. Make them in the school colors!! You can plant them with real flowers or use artifical ones.. either way these party favor ideas will be LOVED by your guests!

Here is a fabulous dessert centerpiece you can create with these fun polka dot planters.. it's a  cupcake bouquet.  It is so easy.. choose a pot with a 5" diameter, buy a styrofoam ball of the same diameter so that it will fit inside the pot opening.  Make and frost your cupcakes. Simply insert 2 toothpicks per cupcake. Push in at 45 degree angle and then push the cupcake onto the toothpick. Fill in the area with small strips of tissue in a color to coordinate with your cupcake frosting and you planter!  Learn how to create these with this tutorial by 52Kitchen Adventures who created this awesome idea!

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