Printable Thanksgiving Game
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printable thanksgiving game

A printable Thanksgiving game! Thanksgiving and Football a great tradition .. and we have created a fun and funny Thanksgiving Day activity that you just print and play! The game gives you sets of clues and you guess the NFL team! So gather all your football fans and play our Turkey Tailgate Challenge. Play right around the dinner table. Or after dinner get every one off the couch and out of the recliners to play this fun game. Everything you need can be downloaded for printing right in the link below.

Printable Thanksgiving Game- Turkey Tailgate Challenge

Here's how to play.. there are 3 clues for most all of the NFL teams.. cut them apart and place them in a basket. There is an answer key for the Emcee! Let each team pick one and  looking at the clues, guess the name of the NFL team! Set a time limit - a shorter limit makes it more fun. If the guess is incorrect, the clues go to the other team. Each correct answer wins one point. Mixed in the clues are ones that have multiple answers and are worth more points. To earn the points, they need to give ALL the possible answers. Also included is a tie breaker. Decide on a prize for the winners.. it could be a cash pot, instant lottery tickets or our family favorite.. the homemade Winner's t-shirt. Here is how you can make your own t-shirt! So PRINT and PLAY from below and all of us here at Celebration Ideas Online wish you and yours a happy Thanksgiving celebration!

printable thanksgiving game

Here's our printable Thanksgiving Game- TURKEY TAILGATE CHALLENGE

This game is yours for personal use only. It cannot be reproduced for other websites or for commercial use without written consent from Celebration Ideas You may link to this page as long as it is properly credited. Thank you.

fun thanksgiving games

Another great family game to play is Turkey Tailgate Toss.. a Thanksgiving version of the great cornhole game! Get everybody together while the bird is basting in the oven!

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