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college application resume samples

Here are some sample college activity resumes for review. Some college applications will provide a format. The Common Application gives you an area to list 6 or 7 activities. Use that to list your top activities. They also allow you to submit your entire activity sheet as an attachment. There are various programs to use in constructing your activity sheet such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Some high schools use a software platform called Naviance that allows students to track their high school progress to help integrate it into a college and/or career goal. The information in there can be easily downloaded into a college application activity resume. Once your resume is completed, you should convert it to a PDF document, as that is the most universally accepted attachment download. Follow the instructions on the application and if there is no specification, send it as a PDF document. Before you begin, read this article on preparing a college activity sheet to help get you started.

If you can design your own activity sheet make sure your name, application ID # or Social Security Number is on the sheet along with your High school contact information. Set up categories on the right side such as Awards/Achievements, Activities, Community Service, Employment. Tailor these to your own resume. List these in order of the strength of own resume. These should be wide columns so that you can note pertinent information about the specific activity. (ie: Varsity Field Hockey, Goalie). Create a column for years of participation. Some schools want hours per week listed, so you can add a column for that. Then concisely enumerate your activities under each category.

Like a job application, play to your strengths.. If you worked at homeless shelter once in four years for 2 hours, that does not need to go on. However, if you have a strong history of community service helping groups in need, then it should go on your application sheet. Remember avoid long lists of one time events .. focus on activities that show depth of commitment. If there is a specific accomplishment on your activity sheet that you want to highlight.. ask one of the teachers, supervisors or advisors in that activity to write your letter of recommendation. They will then be able to further underscore your achievement in that area.

Here is a sample of a college application activity sheet

Here is a sample college application activity sheet for a student-athlete

These are both in a most basic format, you can alter and improve it as needed. It is just to give you an idea of how much you can fit on one sheet. The "sports" dominated activity sample shows how your participation in sports can be highlighted. Many of his community service projects were run through the teams. See this informative article on Sports teams and community service projects

Once polished, share it with your guidance counselor or another adult whose opinion is valued. Edit as needed and you are done! A well presented activity sheet can be given to whomever you ask to write your letter of recommendation. If you are having an interview with the admissions office, bring it along and have it ready to give to the counselor. It can also be a part of any scholarship applications; so take the time to fine tune it and make it the best representation of yourself.

Here's some good college essay help

How To Get The Best Letter Of Recommendation For College Application

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