A Scary Halloween Game

Here is one scary Halloween game! It is a nighttime Haunted Halloween Scavenger Hunt. It is complete with guts and gore and most certainly NOT for the little ones without some major revisions to the clues. It is easier than making your own Haunted House, but just as scary! The kids from 7-14 love this one! There is a set of clues that we used included at the bottom.. you can adapt for your own use. A Halloween scavenger hunt is a great Halloween party activity.. head back to the house for food and desserts after you are done! So here's your instructions, follow along:

Our GLOWING group getting ready to head out on this scary Haunted Hunt!

How to Plan this haunted Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Plan ahead with the help of your friends and neighbors to pull off this great Haunted Halloween Game. Here's what you will need:
1. Help from lots of other parents

2. Spots directly around your neighborhood to plant the clues

3. Glo Sticks to mark the clues.. at least 6

4. Glo-necklaces to keep the kids in view

5. Flashlights for the parents to lead the way and make clue reading easy.

6. Various meat parts: liver, tongue, ear, brain or fake ones from a Party or Halloween store

7. Ziploc bags to store these parts and the clues

8. Silly String and masks for the adults who will be laying in wait

9. A big pot that will serve as the cauldron to begin the hunt!

10. A an old stuffed animal that you don't mind throwing away at the end of the night.

Have fun, you may also need strong eardrums once the screaming and screeching starts!!

Sample clue for this scary Halloween game

Here is a sample of how to use the above materials to make a scavenger hunt into a scary Halloween Game! 

Just adapt the clues to send the kids around your own neighborhood!

Here are the parents laying in wait at the end of this Haunted scavenger hunt

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