A Scary Halloween Party Idea That Dares and Delights!

scary Halloween party games

This scary Halloween party idea was concocted when my 10 year old niece asked me to help plan her party. She wanted something cool that was not "babyish" and definitely "scary and fun". She trusted me enough that she wanted me to surprise her with the party theme. So.. my mind started working. At the time, two of her favorite TV shows were Fear Factor and Survivor. So why not combine them with a "Can you survive facing your fears?" theme. It was great. Please note this party is NOT for tots but it works great with the "tweens"! So here we go with the party planning ideas.. follow along!

Here are our scary Halloween Party games!

This scary Halloween party idea was loaded with games. The girls loved them, they were screaming and screeching and laughing all at the same time! We told all the girls that if there was any game they did not want to play.. no problem. Just tell us.. this advice was certainly understandable when you see what we had planned. We did not want anyone to uncomfortable.

scary halloween party game

Are you afraid of spiders? I carved off the top of a big pumpkin ( you could use any large fruit.. watermelon would work!) and poured in everything but the kitchen sink. Then a took exactly enough plastic spiders for each guest and buried them at the bottom of the pumpkin. The girls mission: reach in and grab a spider.. IF YOU DARE!

funny halloween party game

Eat a worm Mixed inside a bowl of rice krispies were a couple of gummy worms. Each guest had their own bowl and without using their hands had to retrieve the worm from the bowl without spilling the rice krispies! They loved it!

funny party gam

Mud Pie Eating Contest For this scary Halloween party idea we made chocolate pudding and added in smashed up chocolate wafers for texture, plus crunched up corn flakes and topped with a gummy spider. Put them in tins and face first they are off. First one to eat their mud pie wins!

funny party gam

Can you eat a dirty diaper??? Now this one was gross as could be but might have been there favorite. We gathered them in a circle and handed each one a diaper that was taped shut. Inside was chocolate pudding and chocolate covered "raisinets". On the count of 3..diaper on the floor and lick it clean.

gross party gam

fun party game for kid

Can you bite into the apple without eating a bug? We had big plastic black salad bowls filled with water down in the basement. We shut the lights off and in the bowls was one apple and tons of glow in the dark bugs. Their feat: to bob and get the apple amidst the creepy crawlers. Having the lights off and seeing the bowls glow with bugs was awesome. We actually had a couple that would not do it.

This scary Halloween party idea includes homemade T-shirts too!

fun halloween party ideas

Can you face your fear and find the Immunity Idol? The final challenge for this scary Halloween party idea was a group treasure hunt to find the Immunity Idol! My kids were home from college, so I had lots of help. My sister, her husband, my husband and all 4 kids! We took plenty of flashlights and assigned a couple of kids to each adult. Rules were.. all stay together, no running in the streets and scream as loud as you want! We posted the clues to lead them to the Idol all over the neighborhood. The final destination was the backyard of one of the guests.. waiting there.. a whole group of dads glowing with light up necklaces and in Halloween masks..waiting with Silly String!

Back to the house for prizes Of course, everyone successfully "Faced their Fears and Survived".. so each guest got a personalized t-shirt with an "I Faced Fear and Survived" logo that I had put together. As I always do, I make these t-shirts myself. . Here are directions for how to make your own t-shirts. See some of our survivors!

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