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Promote your favorite player or the whole team with this creative idea.. Personalized Pins!

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Celebrate your high school team with this school spirit idea. Summer is ending and high school sports are beginning! This was one of our favorite times of the year.. soccer, field hockey, football and others. The parent booster clubs are in full swing. We always started the season with personalized team pins. These fun buttons spread the spirit, show your support for the team and pride in the kids efforts. These are fun, easy to make and inexpensive.

We started out making these spirit pins for the parents to wear to the games. Once the kids saw them, they were asking for them. Pinning them to their equipment bags, sticking them in their lockers, wearing on them to school on game day. My dining table used to become a personalized pin factory starting in late August. With kids in multiple sports, I had different groups over weekly to get them done. Here are some generic ones we designed that we sold as a fundraiser at the games~

Here's how they're done Invest in a 3 Inch Button Maker Machine Complete Starter Kit They have numerous pin making models available. They come with templates to design your pin's logo too. You can personalize your logo with the player's name and number or do generic pins for the sport.

If your booster club is short of funds, contact the other clubs and see if everyone will chip in to buy the device. Then each club can purchase the components based on their needs. Once you have the machine, the buttons less than 50 cents. By owning the machine, the clubs can make them year after year. We actually more than paid for the button maker by selling spirit pins at the games.

If your booster club has a big budget, you can design the logo and have these made, but be prepared for the costs. They range up from $2-$5 per pin. So while making them yourself requires some time and energy, the savings are enormous.

These are the ones we made after our team won the County Championship. They are a keeper!!

These team pins are NOT just for sports teams. Remember a team can be any club that involves your child. Our youngest daughter was in all the school musicals. So we made them for the cast, crew and pit orchestra members. Her senior year, everyone was going "Into The Woods".. the pins were everywhere that spring!

Use this school spirit idea to have some fun and spread team spirit! It was always fun having the other parents over for a "pin making party"! Best of all.. the kids loved them too.

These are also a great fundraiser, make a generic logo for the team and sell them at the games. One year, we sold over 200 of them at games. So have fun and adorn your team fans with their own personalized team pins!

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