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Be Irish For A Day

st patrick's day party ideas

Here are fun ideas for a St Patricks Day Party now. Everyone wants to be Irish on           St. Patrick’s Day, so celebrate this fun and whimsical holiday! St. Patrick’s Day commemorates the anniversary of the death of Ireland's beloved patron saint, St. Patrick on March 17, 461. While it was originally a religious holy day, it has transformed itself over the years into a grand celebration of the Irish and their culture. Cultural icons like the color green, shamrocks, the Blarney Stone and lucky leprechauns and their pots of gold abound, as everyone celebrates much of this Irish mythology dating back to the origins of the Gaelic Celts. So get ready to celebrate and become Irish for the Day! Everything you need is below or using these links see specific ideas for homemade decorations, St. Patricks Day party games and yummy Irish inspired food and desserts!

st patricks day party games

Look at our one of our own family favorite St. Patrick's Day activities..  It is a scavenger hunt for Shamus the leprachaun's pot of gold.  The kids make their own leprachaun finder binoculars and search with the help of some fun and funny clues.  We included our free printable clues so that you can use this St Patrick's day idea at your house!

St Patricks Day Party Decoration Idea You Can Make!

DIY St Patricks day party decoration
St Patricks day party favors

Invitations, Decorations or Favors  for your St Patricks Day party are easy with this creative craft idea.  I painted a small terracotta planter (.50 cents) added the polka dots and filled with artificial clover. Tie your invite to this little planter and deliver right to your guests door. Now surely that will be the most memorable and festive invitation they will receive to a St. Patricks Day party!  OR You can also make these to serve as your St Patricks Day party decorations and then let them become your party favors by gifting to the guests as they leave. Now how is that for a multi-purpose idea.  Here is tutorial on how to make these for your St. Patricks Day party! The easiest secret to painting the polka dots is in the post!

St Patrick's Day Party Supplies

St Patricks Day Party Games

st patricks day beer pong

Pot of Gold Pong  This one is a St Patricks Day party favorite!

You set up a triangle of 10 plastic cups..filled with green sand or marbles. You can buy colored cups: 1 yellow cup. 2 green cups, 3 any color cups decorated with shamrock stickers, 4 any color cups decorated with leprechaun stickers. Everyone gets 6 chances to toss a ping pong ball (which of course is painted green) into the cups. The goal is to get one of the shots into the gold cup. Points accrue as follows:10 points for landing in the gold Pot O Gold cup, 5 points for landing in a green cup, 2 points for landing in shamrock cup and 1 point for landing in a leprechaun cup. Keep a running scoreboard. You can play solo or in teams. The person waiting in line behind you gets to move the "Pot O'Gold" cup into any position on the triangle before you toss. After everyone is done, tally the scoreboard and declare the winner. The winner can get whatever prize you have. Some of our family favorites have been the homemade "PotO'Gold" Jackpot t-shirt. We design a logo using a pot of gold clip art and add the slogan “I Hit the Pot O Gold Jackpot”. Here is where you can find instructions on how to make your own t-shirts. St. Patrick’s Day Instant Lottery tickets are also a great prize.

st patricks day party game

St Patricks Day Party Bingo - PRINT AND PLAY - everything you need to play LUCKY LEPRACHAUN bingo.. free printable board, word bank and word pulls! So fun for all age groups!

st patricks day party game

If you have room in your home or it’s nice enough to go outside, play a version of an old Gaelic farm game called HEAVE HO. In earlier eras, the participants would stick a bale of hay onto a pitchfork and throw it as far as they could. We play it by making shamrock adorned white luncheon bags and stuffing them with the contents of our paper shredder. Everyone then gets a chance to “heave” these bags using a spatula or soup ladle and we see who is able to toss them the furthest. It is not as easy as it looks and pretty hysterical to watch. We make the adults use a spatula and let the kids use the soup ladle. Winner gets a “Heave Ho” Champion t-shirt. The logo is usually a big shamrock with ”Heave Ho” Hero written underneath it. The one above was ours!

We had a fun and funny tradition when we played this using this Kelly Green Cowbell . We would ring it from the start of the throw until the end. The Heave Ho winner gets the cowbell or the shirt.. I always had 2 prizes in case of a tie!

st patricks day games

If you are looking for some more fun activities for your family party or great games for class parties or Finished Early work,  check out this assortment of fun Printable St. Patrick's Day Games

St Patrick's Day Party Food and Desserts

Food & Drink You have a couple of options here depending on the age group of your party. For kids, I would recommend a St. Patrick’s Pizza and Pasta menu. The pasta can be a simple alfredo sauce with green peas and basil to tie in the Irish theme. You could also get “margarita” pizza, which has cheese and fresh basil to keep on theme. However, most kids could care less about the colors and would prefer regular tomato pizza.

For an adult St Patricks Day party,  what else .. traditional corned beef and don't forget the Irish soda bread. You can buy it any grocery store or bakery, add a pint of Guiness and you are ready for dinner!

St Patricks day desserts

Fun ST PATRICKS DAY  Dessert Ideas Have you heard about cake balls? They are mini bite-sized cakes and are spreading in popularity! They can be decorated for any holiday and are so simple to make. Here is a quick way to make festive cakeballs or cakepops! Decorate with green sprinkles, sugars of even make shamrocks out of fondant and you will have the perfect St. Patrick's Day dessert. Or check out these easy no bake dessert ideas. Dress them in green for a St. Patty's Day theme!  A St Patricks day dessert just for the adults are these yummy Guiness and Baileys Irish Creme infused cupcakes. Learn how to make these sweet St Patricks' Day treats for the over 21 crowd at Messy Little Baker.. they are fabulous!

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