Easy Super Bowl Foods

Here is an easy and fun idea for your Super Bowl food menu that will have your guests feeling like they are in the stadium! We welcome back our resident Super Bowl food expert, Courtney Barnes, founder of the Gourmet Rooster who gives the ultimate Super Bowl Party menu idea.. a gourmet Hot Dog Bar, with all the fixins. Take it away Courtney and show us how!

super bowl menu idea

I wanted to go a different route this year for our Super Bowl party. While I love, love, LOVE finger foods, I wanted to have a special and different “main course.” This Superbowl Sunday I am goin’ huge. No sandwiches, tacos or chili for me. No sir. This year, I am doing a ... drum roll, please ... Hot Dog Bar! Everyone loves hot dogs, they are the ultimate Super Bowl food! I don’t just mean setting out ketchup, mustard and relish. My bar will be long and grand, almost like an all you can eat buffet at a casino ... but starring hot dogs! My bar will have toppings galore, and polish dogs, turkey dogs, maybe even sausages! What will yours have? 

easy party food idea

My bar has all the usual suspects, like ketchup, mustard, pickles, relish and chili, but so much more. I set out a chalkboard that has a few ideas, but with all these toppings, I know my guests will create their own! I decorated with various types of football bowls and pom poms. I will add team colors and a hot dog name for the teams once we know who made it to the Super Bowl.

For this classic Super Bowl food, I’ve got sautéed mushrooms, queso fresco, bacon, caramelized onions, pickles, goat cheese, jalapenos, chili, cheddar cheese, relish, chopped tomatoes and chopped raw onions. Those are just a few of the endless topping choices out there. What will you pick?

Grill up a variety of dogs : all-beef hot dogs, turkey dogs, Polish dogs, Brats, veggie dogs for your vegetarians - Super Bowl foods that will please all your guests!

easy super bowl foods

On my blackboard I will give my guests some ideas for yummy dogs, like  “The Mexican”, and my personal favorite “The Frenchy.” Not only does “The Frenchy” have amazing toppings, it is named after my fav “Grease” character, so that’s a win-win in my book;) “The Frenchy” has bacon, sautéed mushrooms, caramelized onions and goat cheese. Fancy-pants hotdog, for sure. “The Mexican” has jalapenos, raw chopped onion, chopped tomatoes, and queso fresco. Ole!

For added Super Bowl fun, think of the local cuisine of the teams in play and add some of those ingredients to your hot dog bar.  For example, if the Chicago Bears are in the game, add
“The Chicagolander” which is well known in the Windy City.  It has mustard, relish, pickles, tomatoes, chopped raw onion and celery salt.

So many options and your guests get to be creative and you have the easiest buffet ever. Nothing screams “sporting event” more than hotdogs. I hope you try this….and invite me! I promise not to eat all of your food. Wait, I can’t keep that promise! 

Thanks again to Courtney and the Gourmet Rooster for serving as our Super Bowl party entertaining expert. Follow Courtney's ideas and recipes on Facebook at Gourmet Rooster.

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