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Our Family Olympics Events

Fun team games for groups are a great way to celebrate any family gathering. As we headed out for our annual summer vacation, Mom planned a Family Olympics in honor of the London Olympic games that were ongoing during our trip! It turned out to be the highlight of our family vacation.. adding laughs, fierce competitions and a gold medal ceremony for the winning team! Here are our "gold medal" twins.. our official Family Olympics mascots!! These great team games for groups would work for family reunions, school field days, outdoor picnics, or even a company or school icebreaker activity. We even have events listed at the end of our post to adapt this idea for a WINTER Olympics

Planning for your Family Olympics

team games

1. Create a logo and t-shirts. Here were ours! Patriot colors with our Olympics/Team USA theme! We love the Avery brand t-shirt transfers below. All you need: transfer paper, a computer, a printer and an iron!

2. Plan the events – Mom had each of us submit our events and she kept a master list

3. Select the teams – so easy for these funny games – names in a hat and teams were done!

4. Medals – Mom took our old sports medals and strung them on red, white and blue ribbons!!

5. Let the games begin!!!

Let's make the team t-shirts!

Here are the Avery t-shirt transfer papers we use.. so easy.. just design your logo and follow the directions! Make sure you choose the right ones as the transfers are available for both dark and light colored t-shirts.

Design t-shirts online with CustomInk!

No time to make your own, Get inspired with CustomInk's design ideas to help you create a custom t-shirt for your group. This is a great online resource for making your own team t-shirts!

Team Games for your Family Olympics

family olympics games

Treasure Hunt – Mom cordoned off a stretch of beach and buried treasures. The games started with a relay race to choose a sand shovels from a big pail… once the entire team had their shovel they were off to hunt. As treasures were found, they were deposited in the team bucket. At the end of 10 minutes… team with the most treasures won the event. The treasures were red, white and blue foam pieces from a craft store. Sounds easy? Guess again.. it was a free for all in that sand patch! What a great team game for groups!

Ping Pong Ball Race - 2 identical empty buckets with ping pong balls in the bottom. 2 big sponges. 2 huge buckets of water. Lined up like a relay race.. team member drenches the sponge in water, runs to the empty bucket and squeezes the water from the sponge..races back and hands off the sponge to their team mate. First team to get the empty bucket filled with enough water to push the ping pong ball out wins the event. We actually played this one in the pool which was great fun.

Tennis Ball Scoop - Teams line up, tennis ball on the ground.. on all four, using your forehead or nose, push the tennis ball across a line…grab ball, run it back to next team.. this is much harder than it sounds so set the finish line no more than 3 yards from the start!

outdoor games for team

TAILGATE TOSS/Cornhole – this funny game is a bean bag toss and it is a perfect addition to these great outdoor team game events. It was our tie-breaker. See what it is and how to play cornhole.

See the rest of the fun team games from our Family Olympics here.. there are another half dozen!

Celebrate the Winter Olympics with these event ideas

Hockey goal contest,

Sledding event,

Build a Snow Fort.. biggest one in 15 minutes wins,

 Treasure hunt in the snow,

Snow Ball target throw.. use your imagination!

More Winter Olympics ideas here!

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