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team pump up ideas

Team Pump up ideas for high school sports is one of our most frequent requests on our Celebration Suggestions forum. So we have compiled the best of our community ideas and posted them all in this article for easy access. Here are some fun, funny and creative ideas for boosting team spirit. These are great for team booster clubs to get everyone psyched for the season and the big games.

Ideas for Football Game Spirit Signs

Our visitor wrote:

"I am in charge of the spirit posters for our football team this year and needs some ideas. We are the EAGLES. Our opponents mascots are FALCONS, TITANS, PIONEERS, BUFFALOES, ACES, CRUSADERS AND GRIZZLIES. I would appreciate any ideas!"
Our community responded:

Football Spirit signs
by: Mae
We never had an actual mascot at our games. Our Bulldogs were left in the dust compared to other teams who had a real mascot down on the sidelines at the games to rally spirit. So our booster club ran a quick and small fundraiser to raise money for a mascot costume. We sold home baked snacks at lunchtime outside the cafeteria. We all baked our favorite cookies and bought water and sold 2 cookies and a bottle of water for $1.00. In 4 days we had enough money to buy a great mascot costume. The cheerleading coach then ran a try-out for the mascot and if you can believe it, got over 30 kids try out. She chose 4 so that the mascot could attend all the different seasonal sports! We then had a huge introduction at the next home football game and the crowd went wild. The mascot goes into the cafeteria the day before games to pump up spirit and of course rallies the crowd into a frenzy at the games. He is our best spirit sign! It was an awesome team pump up idea and one that benefits the whole school as our mascot(s) go to so many events and even did a community service project at the local elementary school with the baseball team.

Football spirit signs
by: Cathi - Iowa

We make weekly break-away signs. One of the Dad's made an 7 x 6 foot 3 sided frame and then we paint the signs on big rolls of plain tablecloth paper. We staple them to the frame and the teams runs through them at each opener. The cheerleaders hold the frame up all together. We use bright colors and come up with a different saying each week. The dad who made the frame used hinges so it would fold up and is easy to store and we can bring to away games if the other team allows. It's been in the football spirit club for about 4 years now. It is cheap to do each week.. cheaper than a balloon rainbow. Ask around to the other parents and will find someone who is handy enough to make one of these team pump up ideas.

Football Team Spirit Sign
by: Dottie, Chicagoland, IL
Why not make up slogans against each of the team.. make spirit posters for both the game and maybe the locker room or the school.. that would be their slogan for the week.. Here are some I thought of off the top of my head:

Tackle the Titans

Grill the Grizzlies

Deck the Aces or Trump the Aces

Filet the Falcons

Pound the Pioneers

Bust the Buffalos - Skin their hides

Crunch the Crusaders

Go on the net and add pictures of the other Mascots..then put your Eagle mascot on the top of the sign and say: Eagles .... Tackle the Titans

You could also makes an Eagles Nest poster.. get silhouettes of eagles and add either the kids # or a photo.. you could post that at the snack stand.

Use PVC pipe to mount your signs!! That's what we did.. OR, ask the team to make up the slogan against their opponent of the week. That's a really good team pump up idea, as they take ownership of the slogan. Good luck!!

High School Football Team Spirit Signs
by: Lisa - Kentucky

We made spirit signs last weekend.. by the way liked some of the slogans others made up here.. very clever and will suggest slogans to my other Booster club Moms, anyway.. then we posted them all along the bus route that the team bus took to take the boys to their away games.. tied red and white balloons (our team colors) to the signs so that they would be sure to see them. The coach told us it was a big hit with the kids and he liked the way it got them pumped up for the game.

Football Team Spirit Signs
by: Morgan, Greensboro NC

I like those slogans! How about "Crush the Crusaders" and "Tame the Titans". The idea of using them for the whole week before the game is awesome. I am going to recommend to our booster club to do something like this.

team spirit sign slogan

We have two whole pages of great team pump up slogans using lots of creative items from local craft stores.  See our team spirit craft ideas for more great spirit boosters!

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