Fun Team Spirit Week Ideas

High school team SPIRIT WEEK is such a fun event for the kids leading up to a big football game or homecoming.  This simple, easy and creative idea for a spirit week slogan is a great project for team booster clubs, cheerleader goody bags or as a cheerleading spirit idea. We used this idea to boost spirit for the Senior night game!  Here's how you can create a  "BUTTON UP" the win campaign to raise team spirit for any season!

Our team spirit week slogan: BUTTON UP THE WIN!

team spirit idea

Finding and making the Buttons

We made our own team player buttons using these Darice 2406-39BV 6-Piece Design a Button Value Pack, 3.65-Inch. These are super easy to make and inexpensive too. This larger size is much easier to work with than the 2 3/4" button. You simply design your logo.. to fit in properly it should be 3.5" in diameter,use the template inside the button as your size guide. You will find someone who can do this for you if you are not great on the computer. A teacher or one of the kids will know how to make the graphic and size it to 3.5". Next pop off the back cover, carefully. Insert your circular logo and snap the back back on. This product gets a really good reviews on Amazon and is way cheaper than a button making machine! I love how on the samples above they even added sequin decorations around the perimeter! You can order Individually packaged CANDY BUTTONS by Necco at the same time as the plastic buttons from Amazon

More Team Pump Up Ideas

We have a whole section of team spirit ideas perfect for booster club fun or cheerleading spirit!  They even work for the marching band and other groups at school or in your community. Take a look and see plus an entire post on team slogans and activities submitted by our Celebration Ideas Online community sharing some creative ideas of how they boosted team spirit!

team awards banquet

Creative ideas for your end of season team awards banquet. Tips on planning and even a FUNdraiser you can hold during the dinner!

team pump up slogans

More Team Pump Up slogans

community service ideas for teams

Community service ideas for teams.It's not all about just winnning!

One of our favorites.. a TEAM TAILGATE party to boost spirit!  See how our booster club planned this surprise for our girls field hockey team!

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