Thanksgiving Bingo For The Whole Family

printable thanksgiving game

It's time to pull out Thanksgiving bingo  once the meal is over and it's beginning to look like nap time. NO time to snooze with the family all together.  Bingo is one of those great old family games that just about all age groups can play. I put together a Thanksgiving themed Bingo game that we all love. Our Thanksgiving is always BIG.. 15 at a minimum and some years twice that. Finding a FREE bingo game with that many different bingo cards is impossible. So we created our own. Everyone gets a blank card and a list of Bingo Words.. they fill in their own card.  Presto.. problem solved!! Have bowls of pennies or candies set around for the markers. The rule in our house is that once you get Bingo YOU MUST : Stand, Flap your arms and call out "Gobble, Gobble".. yell Bingo and you are DISQUALIFIED. We have had some heated debates over the authenticity of that rule..but the law is: Mom's Game.. Mom's Rule.

thanksgiving bingo

We play various types of Bingo from straight up and down, diagonal, cover the board etc. Best of all the theme to this contest is "Help with your Holiday Shopping". As I told you, rather than spend zillions on fancy foods, I buy the basic Thanksgiving fare and everyone brings something. I then use the extra $$ for the prizes here. We play it progressively.. instant lottery tickets for the first round, and then incremental cash for the following. My girlfriend's family had everyone chip in a set amount of money and they used that for the prize money.

fun thanksgiving game

It doesn't really matter how much or what the prizes are.. the fun is in the game. Our group is from 8 - 80.. all can play and it gets everyone together instead of snoozing after the big meal! Over the years they have strategized about the odds of picking the unusual words. We have even personalized the Bingo word list using family trivia.


Have some fun and get ready to "GOBBLE, GOBBLE"! Here is everything you need from the card, to the instructions, to the word list as shown above. We even have the Bingo pulls all ready for your Bingo EMCEE to call out.. just cut them apart and throw in a basket
PRINT AND PLAY and give thanks for a wonderful family celebration!

Thanksgiving Bingo Instructions

FEAST Bingo Board
FEAST Bingo Word List
Thanksgiving Bingo Pulls

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