A Fun Thanksgiving Game For The Whole Family
Let's Play Turkey Hold 'Em!

thanksgiving game

Here is a really fun Thanksgiving game that the whole family can play. It my family friendly Thanksgiving version of the poker game "Texas Hold'Em".. take out the betting component, simplify the game and you have a card game that everyone can play! It is a great way to enjoy your Thanksgiving with everyone all together. Here's how we did it and you can print these Turkey Hold'Em Cards for free!

thanksgiving game

I have put together a deck of "Turkey" cards. There are 4 different turkey logos to represent the 4 suits in the deck. They are numbered and marked for face cards, just like a real deck of cards. Plus I have added in 8 turkey "WILD CARDS"! Yes, I do have too much time on my hands!!

I then put together a point system for each of the typical winning poker hands. I made a score sheet and we were good to go. Let's start the game!

First, choose a dealer! Everyone gathers back around the dining table for this Thanksgiving game. The dealer goes one by one with each player. Two cards are dealt to the player, three cards are placed on the table. The player may elect to keep one or both of the cards in front of him. He may also turn them back in to the dealer in hopes of getting a better hand. The goal is to get a hand that is worth the most points. For example, you may have 3 of a kind between your 2 cards and the dealer's three. You may opt to keep those points or try your luck at turning in one or both of your cards in order to get a hand that is worth more points.

fun thanksgiving activitiy

Each person finalizes their hand and the total points is noted on the score sheet. After 3 rounds or however many you want to play, the points are totaled and a winner is declared for this fun Thanksgiving game! You may elect to choose runner ups also. Prizes can be anything you want. Some of our family favorites: CASH; gifts cards, instant lottery tickets, or the most sought after prize: a "Turkey Hold'Em TOP TURKEY" t-shirt proclaiming the winner. I make these myself using this logo. Here's  how to make your own t-shirt

thanksgiving printable game

The wonderful thing about this game is that all ages can play. Plus by giving each person their own individual hand, the older players can help and encourage the younger ones. There is no betting involved so no worry about encouraging gambling with the wee ones!If you have no kids at your gathering, you could use the cards and play regular poker with a Thanksgiving spin! Just enjoy everyone being together and having fun with this Thanksgiving game.

Thanksgiving Game : Turkey Hold'Em Free Printables

Here you go... PRINT AND PLAY! I would print the cards on card stock so they will hold up or you can print on regular paper and laminate. Everything you need for a fun family Thanksgiving game of Turkey Hold'EM is right here. Enjoy and give thanks for family fun!

Turkey'HoldEm Instructions
Turkey Hold'EM Winning Hand Scoring
Turkey Hold'EM Scorecard
Turkey Hold"EM Cards 1
Turkey Hold'EM Cards 2
Turkey Hold'EM Cards 3
Turkey Hold'EM Cards 4
Turkey Hold'Em Cards 5
Turkey Hold'EM Cards 6

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