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Must Haves For TWINS

must haves for twins

Looking for twin baby gifts? As a new mother of twins I am quickly learning what products are out there that make our day to day life easier. Life is challenging with twins and I am constantly searching for ways to simplify things. As we are discovering what works best for us I thought what better way to pay it forward than to share my own favorite baby shower gifts for Twins. We found them to be the best items for our twins and hope that they will help others! Some are so little and inexpensive you may not even think to put them on your baby shower registry for twins but they are lifesavers! Here are my top recommendations for twin baby gifts! Gift Certificate

A website that has EVERYTHING for baby from diapers to formula to toys. We received a giftcard to as a baby present, went on their website and discovered a game changing resource! They have a huge selection of competitively priced brand name diapers and baby supplies with great coupons and Free Shipping No Minimum on Eligible Items! It has been a lifesaver during the cold and snow of a Chicago winter! makes traveling with babies so much easier. You can have your diapers and formula delivered anywhere, including a hotel for lighter, easier travel! giftcards make the most thoughtful twin baby gifts and a great baby shower gift idea for any new Mom!

Snap n Go Stroller

Shopping strollers for twins is a daunting task as there are so many products on the market. This Baby Trend Double Snap N Go Stroller Frame, Black was at the top of the list when we asked experienced moms of multiples about twin baby gifts. What good advice it has been! This stroller is genius. It is a simple stroller frame that folds and unfolds with the click of a button using just one hand. You simply click it open, snap the babies right in their carseats onto the frame and away you go. There are no extra attachment pieces to accommodate the carseats. They just snap securely onto the frame. The babies both face you and there are built in cup holders for mom and dad! The best part is that it is compatible with almost all carseat brands on the market. I used this stroller and this stroller only for the first few months. It is easy to steer and manuevers Chicago’s bumpy city sidewalks well. It also has a huge storage compartment underneath for your diaperbag or groceries. This stroller is inexpensive, folds up quickly and is very easy to store and transport. You don't need a huge trunk to fit it in the car. One note.. this stroller can only be used for as long as the twins are in their infant carseats, so depending on their growth, it may only last a year, but it is worth every cent!

Diaper Caddy and Changing Station

Our nursery is upstairs and so this Skip Hop Pronto Changing Station serves as our downstairs changing station. It is easy to tuck away and a practical place to keep all of your changing needs in one place. The caddy fits diapers, wipes,ointments and other products. It comes in all different colors so if you're like me you can color coordinate to your room! The portable changing pad that comes with it is great as we can change our boys anywhere with that underneath them! I have loved this so much that I have given it as a baby shower gift without fail every mom has LOVED it!

Boppy Nursing Pillow -Times Two

Although I am not nursing the Boppy Pillow with Slipcover, Lots O Dots have come in so handy. There are many things that you don’t actually need two of even though you have two babies but you DEFINITELY should have two Boppies. By placing each baby in a Boppy I can easily bottle feed them both at once while their necks and heads are still being supported and their bodies are enclosed so they won’t roll or move anywhere. If you are breastfeeding twins there is a special Boppy pillow for that too! The slipcovers easily unzip and can be thrown in the washing machine so don’t worry about spills or spit up!

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