The Ultimate College Care Package

"A Barbeque In A Box " A tailgate care package

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Here's the ultimate college care package that will help silence the chronic complaints from our kids about campus food. Whether it is the cafeteria, the food court or the local greasy spoon, most kids have nothing nice to say about eating at college.  Our oldest daughter had few complaints when she was living in her sorority house at University of Michigan. It was home cooked food and actually very healthy and tasty. Sadly though, her days of good food quickly ended when she moved off campus. It became a mish mash of fast food, Mac and Cheese, tuna and a bit of cooking every now and then. It was the chronic complaining and maternal worry that combined to create this ultimate college care package... a Barbeque in a Box! We would send one every fall before a big football game and it became a tailgate in a box!

How to make the ultimate college care package!

STEP 1  Quick trip to Target or similar store for some inexpensive Barbeque utensils and a heavy duty pot holder. If you can find a cheap cooking apron or chef's hat.. throw it in the care package. You know someone will put them on. Sometimes these small but fun touches make for the best laughs and the greatest pictures. Take it from experience, never spend a great deal of money on anything you send to a college campus. They will have plenty of time to shop at Williams Sonoma when they graduate and are no longer happy to live in squalor!

STEP 2 If you do not live close enough to drop off your "BBQ in a Box", then head to Omaha Steaks The Fantastic Feast  to help with this ultimate college care package! We used them personally and they have it all - steaks, burgers, dogs and more. Plus free shipping lots of the time! The food arrives in a dry ice filled cooler and is delicious! If your student is close by.. hit your local grocery and get ready to pack a cooler! The reaction from this ultimate college care package is worth the time to shop and the drive to drop it off.

STEP 3  If you will be delivering your BBQ in a Box.. add some salad fixings, chips and raw veggies. If you will be ordering the meat, make it sure it does not arrive BEFORE your box. I usually mail the box of utensils etc and then order the steaks so that the card in the box alerts them to be on the look out!

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STEP 4  Of course, make a card... here's mine.. and yes I do write everything in poem form. As I was building the website, they asked if I was planning to write it completely in poetry!

OPTIONAL BUT DEARLY LOVED.. BAKE THOSE COOKIES!! What's a care box without cookies?? Here is secret recipe for baking quick and easy cookies. You will laugh when you see how easy it.. and it's not slice and bake! Note: The parchment paper is the key!

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If you are personally delivering your package to campus.. make room in your car and budget for this awesome gift.. an NCAA themed Tailgate Toss! What a pre-game your students will have! Or use these ideas to adapt this and send a  Super Bowl party  in a box! College kids like the rest of us love to Celebrate the Super Bowl!

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