A Unique Baby Shower Gift Idea Starts A Family Tradition
THE RED PLATE ..You are Special today

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This unique baby shower gift idea was adapted from a wedding gift. The Red Plate tradition is a perfect for a baby shower, a new baby or a Christening or Baptism gift. While most moms-to-be have registries, but if you want to give a baby gift that is special and will be used for years, consider the Red Plate Tradition. It is a beautifully crafted china plate with You Are Special painted around the rim. It has a rich history as this plate tradition was brought over to the United States over 100 years ago from Europe. The red plate was set out to honor special gifts or special events in a family's life and handed down from generation to generation. So you are not only giving a gift but the possible start of a tradition within the family.

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Amazon is the easiest place to order this unique baby shower gift idea. This plate will last a lifetime! At Thanksgiving we still use our own kids red plates around the tables. They are all grown with kids of their own who also have red plates! They come with a pen so you can write on the back of them as special events happen during their life, so the back of the plate is just as special as the front! Years later it is fun and funny to see some of the events noted on the plates! First homeruns, dance recitals, birthdays and graduation.. a lifetime of memories on these plates!

Our own poem to accompany this unique baby shower gift idea! 

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Once I discovered this unique baby shower gift idea, I realized it had so many opportunities as a unique gift.  These You are Special plates are a perfect christening gift as well as creative bridal shower gift !  The You Are Special plate is also a great birthday gift.  Some sets come with a permanent marker so you can note the date and a short description of the special day event.  We have them and use them each Thanksgiving. The grandkids now love hearing what is on the back of each plate. Such a great family tradtion.

We so believe that the Red Plate or You are Special plate is such a unique and wonderful gift. we wrotre 4 You Are Special Plate poems that you can  print and enclose with your gift for each of these occasion.  You will see when you gift the Red Plate how people just love it. Print this poem for your baby shower gift idea here... the file also includes poem if using this idea as a Baptism or bridal shower gift or a birthday. 

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Here's a thoughtful gift idea for the Dad-to-be!

Here's another fun gift for the expectant parents.. a countdown clock.. set the baby's due date and watch the clock countdown to their birth!

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