Valentines Day Game for Kids

This Valentines Day game for kids lets know how special they are and how much you appreciate them. What better way to promote positivity among kids then to have them convey kind words to their peers. This is a classroom game idea that can be done in any sort of after school program, scout meeting or team setting to promote team building and camaraderie. All you need is a piece of large white paper for each child and markers.
This Valentines game for kids came straight from my own daughter, a first grade teacher, so it's been tried and tested!In her class my daughter starts by reading aloud Clifford’s Valentine’s Day! Then she discusses friendship with the students and explains how using compliments to tell a friend something nice gives them warm fuzzies and makes them feel good inside. Each student gets a piece of chart paper taped to their back and they choose a pink or red marker to write with. She cuts each paper into a gigantic heart.

The kids get to walk around the room and write “warm fuzzies” or compliments on each other’s back. After 20 minutes the kids get to take their hearts off their back and they have a huge valentine filled with heartfelt messages from their peers. They can sit at their seat and decorate their valentine poster as they read all of the thoughtful messages, including one from the teacher! The smiles on their faces and the love in the classroom makes this activity such a perfect one for celebrating Valentine’s Day. Eight years later one of her students from her very first class came back for a visit and told her that she still has her warm fuzzies valentine hanging on her bedroom wall - the power of kind words goes a long way!

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