Valentines Day Party Ideas

Valentines Day Parties Aren't Just For Kids

valentine party ideas

Warm up your winter with this fun Valentines Day party idea! Host a festive "adults only" celebration with friends and family to enjoy Valentine's Day! Plan it now for the weekend before Feb 14th and get going on your invitations. A cute idea for invites is to get a pink rose or carnation, add some baby's breath and red, pink and white ribbon and tie your invite to the flower. Make sure you get the invitations off to your guests early! Valentine's Day parties work great as a "desserts and drinks" event.  You can add some cheese, crackers and some hor'deurves for all to nibble on too. Serve some red and white wine, a festive punch and you are all set for a great Valentine Day party!

See how to make creative and inexpensive Valentine Party Invitations here

valentines day party ideas

Let your desserts serve as your decorations! Add a colorful tablecloth for your dessert buffet with a big red bowl, filled with colored confetti and conversation hearts, red Hersheys kisses and other Valentines Day candies.  Load it to the top and it is a cute and edible centerpiece! Or use all those candies to create a mini Candy Buffet for your guests. They are so popular at weddings and really are a fun addition to any celebration.  Here is a great assortment of festive Valentine themed desserts like these cakepops and marshmallow treats.  Or check out our quick and easy no bake desserts.

valentines desserts recipes
valentines day desserts

games for valentines day

Add in the FUN with this Valentines Day Party Game.. appropriately entitled "Pink Elephant". It is a version of the White Elephant auction game. Now here is where I spend my party budget as at the end of the day.. this fun game is what everyone remembers. I purchase enough prizes/gifts for each guest. I wrap them in colorful Valentine paper and in an envelope tape a clue to the bottom of the gift. I display them on a table. Like a White Elephant or Yankee Auction, you make a set of cards numbered for the amount of guests that will be coming. So 12 guests.. 12 cards numbered 1 through 12. Throw them in a basket and when it's time to play, let each guest pick a card. The guests go in numerical order up to the "gift" table and point to the gift they would like. The host opens the clue and reads it aloud. Based on the clue, the guest can then decide whether to open the gift or steal one from a prior player. If a steal occurs, the person who lost their gift, then opens the new one. The #1 person gets a final chance to "steal or hold" their gift at the end of the game. If you have 6 couples, you should be able to get all your gifts for about $100.

Here are the gifts I bought and the corresponding clue I made up for this Valentines Day Party game!

easy party game

Another fun party game that would be perfect for your Valentine's Day party is SECRET CELEBRITY. All that is required is a fun group of guests, some paper, pens and a timer. It comes to us from Colleen in Delaware! Or print and play our newest game: FAMOUS SWEETHEARTS, you have to name the couple using 3 clues or less!

mardi gras party ideas

How about going "outside the box" for your Valentines Day party?   Add a Mardi Gras spin since that is right around the corner. Use our Mardi Gras Party ideas but instead of a KING CAKE.. turn it into a CUPID CAKE!!

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