A Thoughtful Wedding Favor Idea

Looking for a thoughtful and unique wedding favor idea? Seen enough chatchkees, novelties, candies etc.? My son and his wife came up with a really loving and caring idea. They elected to forego the gifts and make a donation to the Alzheimer's Foundation as it is an illness that has impacted someone they both love. While they are not the first to do this, these kids took it one step further. They didn't just make a donation but actually put together a team to participate in a 3K Alzheimer's Memory Walk. Friends and family joined together for a wonderful morning walking in honor of someone they love. Not only did the kids make a donation, but members of the team solicited sponsors. As a result, their initial wedding favor gift grew exponentially as we all joined the Memory Walk team. It was a wonderful day and a most thoughtful wedding favor.

wedding favor idea

Here is the beautiful silk flower that the bride's mother made for each guest along with the card announcing the wedding favor gift.

For our walk, our team made team t-shirts. You can find directions for making them yourself here. There are also many sites where you can design your own shirts, have them professionally printed and shipped right to your house.

do-it-yourself t-shirt

I designed this myself using an awesome word cloud program called WORDITOUT. You can use whatever words you want and it creates a "word cloud" like on our logo. Best of all, it is FREE! So have fun and get creative.

Here is our crew on the walk. Not only was it for a good cause but we had a wonderful time together reminiscing about the wedding. What a beautiful and personal wedding favor idea!

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