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This gift is "picture perfect"

A creative Wedding gift idea is always a challenge if you are thinking of something other than giving money. That had been my usual recourse until I came up with a new idea. A young couple we know had gotten engaged on the beach at Martha’s Vineyard off Cape Cod, Massachusetts. So I knew this was a special place for them. As the wedding neared, I decided to try and find a wedding gift idea that was related to the Vineyard. In scouring the web, I found many local artists and started investigating their websites. If I was going to give art as a gift, I did not want to do a large print. Not knowing how their home was decorated, I thought a couple of small 8 x10 prints may be better. These could fit in a variety of places, even in an office.

Step 1

Search local artists or galleries for the location you want to remember. You will probably find numerous listings so don’t settle until you find something you really like. I found a great local gallery and was able to see the available paintings online. I then noticed that the artist had taken her art and had prints made on 5x7 notecards.

Step 2

Check to see if there is any information about the artwork. When or where it was done, any special local story about the scene etc. In my case, it was especially nice that the back of cards had a brief description of the scene. They were perfect! Even better, when I called the gallery, the artist agreed to write a note of congratulations on the back of the card.

Step 3

I received them and brought them to a local framing store, where they were professionally matted and framed, The back of the card with the description and note were affixed to the back of the frame. I used neutral color mattings and a simple wood frame. While the cost of the cards is nominal, the cost of professional matting and framing is not, but the end product was a beautiful and very special gift commemorating “Where it all started”.

Here was the finished gift!

This wedding gift idea can easily be used as an engagement gift or even an anniversary gift. It is a beautiful keepsake to remind the couple about "Where It All Started" for years to come! Need additional help? Here are some more Wedding Gift Ideas at a terrific site www.Wedding-Ideas-Guide.com.

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