Do I Need Wedding Insurance?

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Do I need wedding insurance? In short the answer is YES. When you think about the amount of money that you are investing in your wedding it would be crazy not to protect your wedding against unforeseen circumstances that could potentially ruin your big day. Friends of ours had their wedding planned in New York City. In the days preceding their event, a hurricane was forecasted. A hurricane hasn't hit New York City in over 150 years but it did not alter its course. The venue cancelled the reception just one day before the scheduled hurricane arrived. The florist already had already done all the flowers, the DJ and photographer had already received hefty deposits, the caterer had the food all ordered and the rental vendor had already delivered the tables and chairs. The wedding had to be rescheduled, deposits were lost and several of these vendors could not reschedule and thus new vendors had to be found and paid AGAIN. This could have been prevented with wedding event insurance.

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Now you are probably thinking… My wedding is already costing me a fortune, can I afford wedding insurance? A Wedding insurance policy can be as inexpensive as $100. Like any insurance plan you can decide what to insure. The policy premium is contingent on what items and what amounts you choose to insure. You are the one choosing how much to spend. The more coverage you want the more expensive the policy premium will cost. But even at a couple of hundred dollars premium, in the grand scheme of wedding planning this is money well spent. Most wedding insurance plans will cover a range of extenuating circumstances from weather, to something happening to your dress, injury, illness, military deployment or if your venue goes out of business leading up to your wedding.

do I need wedding insuranc

In addition, some venues, like ours, required $1,000,000 liability insurance to protect both them and us against injuries on premise.We had to present the insurance certificate to our venue 48 hours in advance of the wedding. Like a homeowner's policy that covers accidents on your property and will reimburse medical expenses, a wedding reception liability policy will do the same. We checked both our homeowner's as well as our personal umbrella liability insurance policies and were told neither would protect us in the event of a an accident ocurring during our wedding. We could not even buy a one day "event rider". Check with your venue to see if wedding reception liability insurance is built in to your pricing. If so, make sure to ask for a copy so that you have it on file and can see if you need any additional coverage.

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You can also purchase additional insurance riders to cover your vendors and your honeymoon should something occur. There are lots of companies out there that focus specifically on event insurance and can walk you through what plan is best for your needs and your pocketbook. Although you will most likely not need it, should you have an unplanned situation and not have purchased insurance for your wedding it could be a very costly oversight. Remember that with wedding insurance you are also purchasing peace of mind which is one less thing to stress about leading up to your big day!

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Please note to check with a qualified insurance company for further information. This article is strictly informational in nature and is not meant to take the place of professional insurance counsel.

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