Elegant yet inexpensive Wedding Reception Centerpieces

elegant easy wedding centerpieces

Wedding reception centerpieces are a large part of adding beauty to your wedding reception, however they do not have take up a large part of your wedding budget. After 3 weddings in 4 years we share with you our best wedding reception decoration ideas. Take a look at how we were able to achieve a beautiful ambiance at our weddings without breaking our budget! See how we have used candles, seasonal branches and simple spring flowers to create elegant but budget friendly centerpieces for our own family weddings.

Using candles for your wedding centerpieces

wedding centerpiece ideas

We started looking for wedding reception centerpieces early on in our wedding planning. Since our tables would be seating 10-12 people, finding floral arrangements that would be large enough for the table was a challenge to our limited budget. As a result, we looked at other options and began thinking about using candle centerpieces. Our budget was $20-$25 per table and we hit the jackpot with these beautiful candle cylinders. The florist added a single floating orchid, some shimmering plastic beads and a candle on the top. We then surrounded those by small votive candles. How can you achieve this look at such a reasonable price? The cylinders and beads go right back to the florist the next day. We negotiated the votive candles into our contract with the venue for free! So the real cost is the orchid, the candle and the minimal cost to the florist of using the cylinders and adding the water, orchid and beads. It was cheaper than even buying the cylinders ourselves. The room looked magnificent as it glowed with candlelight and you would never have thought that this wedding table centerpiece idea could be so budget friendly.

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Seasonal wedding reception centerpiece idea

inexpensive wedding reception centerpiece ideas

Our daughter-in-law whose wedding was in April had the most briliant idea for her centerpieces. April is the height of Cherry Blossom season and she chose centerpieces made from cherry blossom branches.. not only extremely budget friendly, but absolutely beautiful! She chose to place those on alternating tables and use her bridesmaids bouquets dispersed on the tables in between. What an incredibly beautiful presentation. She had the florist add hanging tea lights onto the cherry blossom arrangements.. another very simple and inexpensive idea. The venue had included small votives for each table and she then bought bags of pink rose petals and had the venue scatter them on the table.  It was breathtaking.. so always check on flowers that are "In season" when deciding on your wedding reception centerpieces.  Another tip.. see if your venue will "dual purpose" your arrangements for the ceremony if you are holding it in the same place as the reception.  The cherry blossoms moved from room to room during the cocktail hour and it saved the kids alot of money!

Using simple spring flowers for wedding centerpieces

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These wedding reception centerpieces are really simple and very cost conscious. They were made with 3 hydraganeas and then greens, baby breath and tulle ribbon bow loops were added as fillers. Hydraganeas are large blossoms so you get alot for your money with these beautiful flowers. They come in various colors so you may find some in a color that themes to your wedding colors. If you wanted to add some glam, you could use  silver and gold bow loops and put silver or gold marbles or pearls in the base of the vase, then wrap the vase with a tulle bow. Tulle is so inexpensive and so versatile and easy to work with you. From 12 inches of tulle you can create a beautiful and very full bow. We used this idea as you can see in the photo for a recent family bridal shower and the centerpieces cost us less than $15 a piece. We even provided the simple vases that we bought at the local dollar store.

One last tip.. if you are member of Costco, they offer a fantastic deal on wedding flowers. We read lots of good reviews in wedding forums from brides that had used them. You do need to arrange them into vases yourself, but the savings are incredible. So if you have a creative friend that wouldn't mind helping you out, this is another cost saving idea for reception centerpieces.

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