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Turn a picture frame into the most fun idea for your wedding reception!

wedding reception idea

This creative wedding reception idea is brilliant. It is so easy and inexpensive to make yourself!   It is so simple, yet so awesome.  Since a photo booth was not in our budget, the "traveling picture frame" served the same purpose at a fraction of the cost. All the guests were snapping pictures and emailing them to each other or sharing on Facebook and Instagram. We told our wedding photographer to be sure and snap pictures as she saw people in the frame! You get great candids of your guests during the reception and on the dance floor. This one was such a success it traveled to the wedding "after party" in the hotel bar and and circulated late into the night! Want to add this fun and funny wedding photo idea to your own reception? We'll show you how to make it yourself at a fraction of the cost of renting a wedding photo booth!

How to make the Traveling Frame for your own wedding reception!

wedding photo booth idea

Head to the craft store or garage sale and buy a 28"x 34" empty picture frame - no glass.  Make sure it is sturdy enough to be passed around but not so heavy that it can't move easily around the reception.  Purchase the letters you want on your frame at the same time.  These were 3.5" tall and 3" wide.  The craft stores sell these in many colors. We loved these white glittered ones! Next drill tiny pilot holes on the letters. Once the holes are done, glue them to the frame, then using a tack hammer, use small pin nails to further secure the letters to the frame. Glue alone will not hold the letters as the frame moves around the room!

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wedding reception picture frame

This step is important .. add 4" metal handles to the back sides of the frame. You can find these in the local hardware store. Attach them about one third of the way down. They will screw in but also add some Gorilla Glue 6205001 Wood Glue Bottle, 18-Ounce. It is amazing stuff and nothing will fall off! Use the gorilla glue to attach the lettering too. When you see the action this frame gets.. do your best to make it as sturdy as possible. It went around the dance floor and out to the bar and back in again. Such fun!

Add some props for more DIY photo booth fun!

More Variations of this fun wedding reception idea

wedding reception decoration

The frame recycles for another wedding for more fun! Just change up the letters and you can reuse it!

inexpensive wedding decoration

Another version of this idea where they had a plain frame stationed by a wallpapered background for candids!

Here is another version.. the frame is decorated with flowers.. how pretty and easy this wedding reception picture frame is ... anyone could make it!

wedding photo idea

This inexpensive and easy to make wedding reception idea was truly the hit of the wedding. There was photo after photo shot of families and friends together in the frame and these candids were some of the best of the wedding.  We are busy working on one for wedding #3 this spring. We will re-use the frame from the first wedding, so how economical is that!!

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High school OR College Graduation fun!

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